Vibonese – Catanzaro 0-3: Technical / Tactical Analysis

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Photo: Massimo Carlustella

Catanzaro starts out on a little trot and then runs Vibonese with a run of three to zero. Sounas opens the dances, closing Bombagi’s accounts with a prop.
Fibonese 3-5-2: Mingoni; Polidori, Swagger, Resality; panati basso bellini gellonese corsi; Coral Sabyan. Orlandi flocks.
Catanzaro 3-5-2: Brandwani; DeSantis Fazio Gatti; Bayeye Welbeck Cinelli Sounas Bjarkason; Vasquez Emilio. Vivarini flocks.
first half
Catanzaro started out on a little trot and needless to say the first occasions were for the Rossoblo brand. Already in the sixth minute of the match, Spina launched a counterattack on the right flank and was central, preferring to pass a cross into the far corner instead of sending Corial rushing in the middle. A few minutes later, it was Gilones trying to hit the outside with the ball wide. Later, Basu will try from the outside.
The Giallorossi took a while to get started. After an initial preliminary phase in which penetration was sought through central methods, the side chains raised the tempo of play and so the Giallorossi strikers began attacking the opponent’s area with ever greater decision. Good but fruitless raids by Emilo, the greedy opportunity occurred at the feet of Vazquez who takes advantage of the rebound but from a good position sends high.
Catanzaro opens in half an hour. First, it is Emilo who wastes a favorable opportunity after passing Swager in a sprint, and then finally the valuable and well-deserved mark of Sounas arrives. The Greek receives from Bayeye inside the area, stops with a right body twist and immediately shoots with the left as Mengoni can do nothing.
The feature activates guests who don’t change the setting and try to take advantage of some quick reboots. Most exciting is the player on the centerpiece of Vazquez Emilo with Guillorosi 90 who lost the moment to finish on the net.
Despite the arithmetic drop, Vibonese still respected the commitment with good rebound ability and some good vertical swings as they tried to run Spina’s speed, her best. Catanzaro for his part has established the usual large amount of the game even in the absence of a few key elements. Above all, he felt Vandepute’s absence.
The fencing in the lane headed by Banati and Bjarcasson, the youngest of twenty-two on the field, is interesting. The outside of Vibonese still had to introduce some flaws in the defensive phase as he was a bit apprehensive in the lanes, while for Catanzaro it is necessary to review the movements during the build phase from below as he cannot carve out the space for maneuverability. In order to give and go, but he has to dump the ball again and then bring the ball back from the line of defense. In the offensive phase, both are more accustomed to central cuts than bottom gain.
the other half
We introduced the confrontation between Bannati and Villarcassonne because in that corridor Vivarini decided to intervene by changing Bajarcassonne with Rolando. The move had its effects immediately given the different technical average of the 77 yellow and red that dominated the lane, effectively closing accounts with Vibonese.
The Giallorossi almost doubled forward the first time with Cianci making a perfect third on Bayeye’s cross and with Iemmello spreading panic in Rossoblo without finding a way to strike.
After an hour of playing, Bombaji enters the field and the Sardinian does not betray expectations with a beautiful pairing. The first tag comes with a fireball of rare power, the ball is intercepted by a throw-in by the hosts and an instant shot enters the group. The second sign indicates 10 yellow and red meanders in the area as they jump on Suagher Spanò and Risaliti and then slide on the innocent Mengoni.
Vibonese held out for as long as possible, unfortunately for young Spina who was forced to leave the field due to injury at 76. The applause for the ex Coriali, today called for a not-so-easy duel with Fazio.
Catanzaro deservedly won the three points and second place in the standings, rushing to project all their energies onto the tail of a championship that will surely make more compelling commitments than it is today. La Vibonese concluded the regular season with its head held high, honoring its sporting commitment to being aware of the need to start again from the lower category.
The result was thus a lively match at times, without excessive tactics, causing the hosts to seek the route of the net using Spina’s speed while the guests started centrally and then shifted their efforts to the side lanes.
The biggest dangers came from the right lane as Baye proved to have a completely different pace than his neighbor Corsi, then in the second half with the entry of Rolando El Catanzaro marching twice as fast on both lanes without conceding anything in defence. Stage and find two more goals thanks to Bombaji’s style.
Building the Vibonese from below was a positive, finding Gelonese’s indispensable reference point for moving the maneuver, but Basso and Bellini suffered interception by Welbeck and Sounas, making way for a series of hasty solutions that did not give the rossoblu forward. It’s time to cut the field.
On the other hand, it must be said that the stage of pressing and restoring the hosts seemed valuable and allowed the release of many good reboots which, however, had no support from Corial, which was not able to adequately suggest itself to support the spina. Highly praised, the former player on duty only had one chance to finish on the net.
For his part, Catanzaro started a bit on the Whites and then finished the match by dominating the opponent in all divisions. A clear indication that they don’t want to force the game too much or expose cautioned players to some dangerous referee decisions.
Vandepute’s lack of presence, plus two-thirds of the defensive line, made himself felt but didn’t stop him from giving Mr Vivarini some ideas to work on such as Bjarcasson’s central cuts. In fact, when Emiló or Vázquez expand to the left, Icelanders tend to become more centralized. But in those situations there is no complete understanding of the moves and exchanges with Sounas trying to cut vertically but without receiving the return ball.
The finishing stage gearing on the right lane, on the other hand, has been further tested, with Bayeye and Sounas himself being found rote and able to pack the most important occasions both by freeing the leg up for the cross and by pinpointing the immediate wound in the toe area.
Speaking of nails, pair Vazquez Emilio deserved more minutes during the second part of the season, but Biasi’s state of form was so to speak breaking eggs into the basket. A couple of his suggestions for Iemmello were really interesting.

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