Bitcoin and Ethereum are available to everyone

Opinion polls speak for themselves: more and more Italians are looking to a world Cryptocurrency And more and more they began to approach this world. This is not always done with due awareness, but knowledge is reaching new levels and more and more people are putting crypto assets at the forefront of their curiosity. Merit and lack of great hadith Bitcoin And Ethereum First of all, they achieved during peak periods of value: they opened doors for a new type of user, but at the same time they were not able to provide everyone with useful tools to invest easily and safely in this new dimension of money.

The moment signals a change on the horizon as the base of people interested in cryptocurrency multiplies and the need for simple and transparent services becomes essential to provide an optimal response to all needs. cryptosmart It is the Italian answer to this kind of horizon, and the richness of the services offered really opens up a new way of thinking about cryptocurrencies and their usefulness.

CryptoSmart: What’s Easy Is Value

cryptosmart is a file Italian project which wants to provide an accurate answer for those who, in the face of the desire to deepen their knowledge of cryptocurrencies with maximum security, intend to come up with a tool capable of facilitating every step and thus ensuring not only the purchase of bitcoin and the like, but also the “use of the same with the aim of spending.” This feature makes from Cryptosmart is a unique platform as it is able to manage the entire cryptocurrency value chain: Buy, store, manage, spend, transfer, all with operations anyone can access.


To make a purchase, you must first charge your wallet, either in euros (by bank transfer), or other previously held cryptocurrencies. In the latter case, it is enough to create a target address associated with your account and then carry out the transaction from the private wallet to the Cryptosmart wallet.

Once the value has been uploaded to the wallet, it is possible to proceed with acquiring the desired cryptocurrency, following the value through simple (customizable and easy to read) trading charts to track the progress of your investment. For any problem, non-stop help service is available which becomes support and advice for any kind of question that may arise while managing your portfolio.

sale and expense

Opening the wallet is completely free. The lack of barriers to entry is ideal for those who are approaching this type of market for the first time, as they know that they have no entry costs or fixed costs to contend with. Commissions only relate to transactions, up to a maximum of 0.2%.

Cryptosmart Market It is the added value that users can find in their wallet: it is in fact a true bridge between cryptocurrencies and the real world, through Gift card worth between 5 and 400 euros Which can be used by big players like Ikea, Q8, Unieuro, Coin and others (and many more are slated to be added). When buying a gift card, it is enough to indicate the phone number of the person who will use it: the recipient receives an SMS with a PIN for use at the time of purchase and this value can be used both in the store and on the Internet. Trade related services.

CSpayOn the other hand, it is a service intended for companies to send and receive “peer-to-peer” payments in cryptocurrency, and also by collecting what the customer has paid themselves in cryptocurrency with the current currency. The integration is very simple and allows businesses of all sizes to be able to easily open crypto payments (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Dogecoin).

CSPay: How does it work?

Secure Payments, Blockchain-Based Transactions, and Instant Collection: The company could not ask for anything better to be able to open its doors even to wallets that are often hungry for new markets where their value is pouring. For the avoidance of doubt, the service offers zero activation costs, zero administration costs and zero costs for opening a Cryptosmart account.

Cryptosmart: Bitcoin, Ethereum and others

Thus, Cryptosmart makes ease and transparency its core values, and puts it on the table to establish a complete trust relationship with those who invest their money in the crypto dimension. An Italian idea signed by Italians (Alessandro Ronchi, Claudio Baldasari, Alessandro Frisoni, Fabio Perschetti, Alice Ubaldi and Massimo Zamborlini), based in Perugia and with an assisting service entirely made in Italy.

Among the managed cryptocurrencies, it should be counted first and foremost Bitcoin (BTC) Ed Ethereum (ETH), but the platform is also considering operations on many others such as Dogecoin (dog), Litecoin (LTC), dotted (DOT) or Cardano (ADA). In short, ease, transparency and freedom of choice are also combined.

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