BTC could reach $81,680 in 2022 according to a new report

top coin Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC) MAY BE READY FOR It exceeds $80,000 and reaches a new all-time high this yearAccording to’s latest report on bitcoin price predictions.

What do the bulls expect?

The Finder panel, made up of 35 fintech and cryptocurrency professionals, believes that the cryptocurrency will peak at $81,680 in 2022 before dropping to $65,185 by the end of the year.

Martin Froehler, CEO of Morpher, shared one of the most optimistic predictions for the end of 2022, noting that “political uncertainty, inflation and a growing desire to own assets that are not under government control will push BTC to all-time highs.”

On the other hand, CoinJar CEO Asher Tan is giving a more conservative forecast. Tan expects the coin to reach $60,000 before dropping slightly to $56,000 by the end of the year.

“There is still a lot of uncertainty about the near-term outlook for Bitcoin. Given the macroeconomic headwinds, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Bitcoin spend the entire year in the $30,000-$60K range. This It’s kind of a terrible condition for traders, but rewarding for multi-year timeframe accumulators‘, he comments.

While the commission’s median forecast for the end of 2022 is well above the price of BTC at the time of writing, it is 15% lower than the $76,360 forecast in January.

The lack of use cases for Bitcoin, in addition to being a store of value, could be a factor in making the plate less optimistic about the coin. In fact, half (50%) of the Finder panel, including Thomson Reuters technologist and futurist Joseph Raczynski, It is believed that BTC will eventually be surpassed as the most popular cryptocurrency by the most advanced blockchain.

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“Currently, Bitcoin only serves as an additional currency, similar to the dollar, the euro or the pound. Other blockchains that serve a variety of purposes likely have a chance of taking the throne,” he said.

As Raczynski points out, Probably Ethereum That will take place. “It may be money, but it has created a platform to tokenize all assets and create a massive platform for the internet of value. This is probably much bigger than BTC.”

The long-term outlook for bitcoin has also followed a downward trend since October 2021. By 2025, the committee expects bitcoin to be worth about $179,280, a 13% drop from the committee’s October forecast of $206,351, and a 7% decline from its forecast. January of $192,800.

Price forecasts for 2030 paintings have also fallen since October. The committee now expects BTC to be worth $420,240 by the end of 2030, down 25% from its October forecast of $567,472.

Most bearish forecast

Professor, University of Canberra John Hawkins It is one of the most bearish trends in the BTC future since then The value of the coin is expected to be only $5000 and $100 by the end of 2025 and 2030 respectivelydue to the loss of ground relative to Ethereum.

“In addition to the CBDC exchange and the general collapse of the speculative bubble, I believe that BTC will lose out against ETH, which has a stronger use case, especially if Ethereum becomes a selling point and thus becomes more environmentally responsible.”

> You can find the full report of discoverer here.

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