Contests for 5 OSS and Physiotherapists

Public Company for Personal Services (APSP) Don Giuseppe Comer of Vallarsa, in the province of Trento (Trentino Alto Adige)launched two competitions for the recruitment of physiotherapists and physiotherapists.

The general selection is intended to cover 5 places from work Unlimited period.

There is even time May 23 2022. Here are the download invitations and useful information for the app.

OSS and APSP Physiotherapy competitions without GIUSEPPE CUMER

So APSP Don Giuseppe Cumer launched two public competitions aimed at recruitment:

  • n. 3 OSS – health and social workers, category B, of which two full-time positions and one part-time position;
  • n. 2 physical therapists, Class D, part-time.

public needs

To participate in competitions organized by APSP Don Giuseppe Cumer, the following is required public needs:

  • is at least 18 years old on the call expiration date;
  • Italian citizenship, Italian citizenship of a member state of the European Union or other categories indicated in the notifications, without prejudice to knowledge of the Italian language;
  • fitness for work;
  • have not been dismissed or dismissed from employment in the public administration;
  • the enjoyment of political and civil rights also active in the countries of belonging or origin;
  • Immunity from convictions involving disqualification from public office, limited to the term of the sentence, or which, if imposed during an already existing working relationship, could result in dismissal in accordance with applicable collective agreements;
  • Regular position regarding military service obligations.

Candidates for competitions are also required to possess the following qualifications:

OSS – Social Health Workers

  • High School Diploma and Professional Qualification Certificate as a Social Healthcare Operator.

physical therapists

  • A three-year certificate in physiotherapy or a university diploma in physiotherapy or a diploma in a physical therapist or a diploma in a rehabilitation therapist declared equivalent by the Ministerial Resolution of 27.07.2000;
  • Registration in the professional registry.

to choose

Regarding the number of applications received for each competition, one can be imagined selective test.

Selective actions will be carried out by overcoming Written Exam Exams (one for OSS competition and two for physical therapist competition) E oral test.

More details can be found in the notices attached at the end of the article.


Don Giuseppe Comer present APSP of Vallarsa (Trento) was born in 1914 as “Hospital – Shelter” and was established to receive the poor without their means of subsistence.

The child protection program aims to prevent, reduce or eliminate the conditions of disability, individual and family need and hardship, and to carry out activities to provide social, health and social assistance services.

Admission applications

Applications for participation in competitions organized by APSP Don Giuseppe Cumer for OSS and physiotherapists must be submitted by 12.00 on May 23 2022 with one of the following method:

  • half registered parcel with acknowledgment of receipt addressed to the APSP secretariat office “don Giuseppe Cumer” – Corte fraction n. 1 – 38060 Vallarsa (TN);
  • delivered directly by hand;
  • half PEC in the title [email protected] Only candidates who do not have an approved email address can read in our article Procedures for obtaining it 30 minutes.

The following must be attached to the questions documentation:

  • Payment receipt evidencing payment of the competition fee of €25.00;
  • A copy of the qualification required by the competition announcement.
  • Qualifications translated and certified by the competent Italian consulate or diplomatic representation, indicating the possible equivalence of one’s qualifications with Italian qualifications (only for candidates who obtained the qualification abroad);
  • A copy of the identity document;
  • A copy of the candidate’s updated and complete CV, prepared in European format;
  • Documents proving registration in the professional registry (for the competition of physical therapists);
  • Any declaration of exemption from any pre-selection test pursuant to Art 20 Paragraph 2bis of Law 104/92.


All interested parties are invited to carefully read the announcements below, which organize the selections:

  • OSS BANDO Competition (Pdf 486 Kb) and APPLICATION (Pdf 376 Kb);
  • Competition for Physiotherapists CALL (Pdf 486 Kb) and APPLICATION (Pdf 362 Kb).

Subsequent contacts

The Subsequent contacts Regarding possible pre-selection, examination notes and rankings will be published on the APSP website, in the section “Contests and Selections”.

Contests and other updates

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