Imola reveals the problems of the 2022 technical regulation

The first European stage of the World Championships F1in the wonderful environment of Imola, provided many food items for thought: the baptism of the new ‘race weekend sprint’ shape, the behavior of the new single-seater ground effect in wet locations and, last but not least, the evolution of single-seater performance in relation to the racing programme. Developed by various stables.

Everything is very exciting, but yesterday’s race was The protagonist behind the scenes, Authentic cross and joy Formula 1which everyone would like to do without, but even the new sitters desperately need to appease almost all the excesses on the track, drag reduction system Known as DRS.

the new wing car They should have reduced the pressure drop of the chasing car from 35% of the previous generation to 4% at a distance of about 20 metres, making it easier to drive downhill.

Ferrari F1-75 in action during Barcelona winter testing

Despite the undoubted improvement into treat Of these chasers, the drivers themselves have confirmed it in these first four races of the World ChampionshipsThe DRS has remained an essential tool for carrying out the maneuvering that is at the heart of motorsport, overtaking.

mandatory premise, layout from imola Although the low swing is removed, it is a very narrow road circuit, especially for this generation of very large single seats, very few points to launch an attack, but the decision of the race management to ban using it until the 35th is enough trip to do Leap twelve years into the past.

One November afternoon in 2010, Fernando Alonso He saw his third world title fade away after the reckless strategy of the short wall Ferrari Which brought him back to the path behind the bishop Renault Vitaly Petrov During the last chapter on theatrical advertisement Abu Dhabi. We all know the story, as the Spaniard was forced to look helplessly at the Russian driver’s exhaust pipes for two-thirds of the race with no chance of overtaking him.

Vitaly Petrov beats Fernando Alonso and Mark Webber

Boredom formula needs an antidepressant To make racing more exciting, in 2011 the federation introduced a drag reduction system based on the inclination of the rear fender of individual seats that drivers can activate if the gap with the competitor engaged in the fencing is less than one second.

over the years DR It was a divisive topic, some believe Doping in support of the technical signal that separates champions from good driverswhich others consider The lesser evil of not turning off the TV after the early stages of the race. Generations of riders who have grown up with the help of this machine are also making an art in using it, as evidenced by the overtaking and counter-overtaking between Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc at the two seas it’s Grandmother.

a race imola He also showed a massive side effect of this single seat antidepressant trains in procession thanks to the simultaneous use of DRS especially if the beam tread had a good top speed that negates the attacks of pursuers.

After yesterday’s race, the seven-time world champion, Lewis Hamilton is confident he will be able to design the rear end of Pierre Gasly’s Alpha Toure with his eyes closed Albon’s Williams followed very quickly in the first sector despite not being able to use the DRS.

Lewis Hamilton in Pierre Gasly heels with two rear wings wide open.

We’ll never know how the battle between the English champion and the Alpha Tauri flag would have ended without the help of the much-talked-about device.

The end result is that DR Also indispensable in the new generation of single-seater, it is partly detrimental to the technical revolution that he so desperately wants Liberty Media / FIA And confirms the adoption of the offer on this system. By extending the analysis over a longer period of time, Formula 1, ahead of its environmentally sustainable mission, has abandoned racing refueling that has been identified as the primary evil of the boredom formula to rely on another stunt that shows many cracks.

Because at the end of the show, the pilots make use of the tools that are provided to them, and if the pilots of the age of refueling are subject to forced maneuvers waiting for a strategic call from the pits, in DRS . formula The new generations of pilots seem reluctant to throw their hearts over the obstacle as radio teams have shown in Charles Leclerc who begged to activate it.

And if the pilots are addicted to steroids DR? to me Driver Younger people couldn’t blame him as the system had been used for years in the preparatory formulas for the Supreme Journey, formulating a way to understand the battle on the track inseparable from this weapon.

Charles Leclerc beats Luca Gheitto in the 2017 Bahrain Formula 2 Grand Prix

In phases where its use is not enabled, such as the first three laps of a race, drivers enter the mode DR as an abbreviation for “I have to cut back on the bullshitHowever, there were no examples of courage and talent even in yesterday’s race, with Outstanding Russell vs Magnussen in the high swingWhich evokes one of Ayrton Senna’s famous phrases:There is no curve you can’t cross“.

Finally, The query and security strategy should be a facilitation, not a one-size-fits-all solution problem that the new individual floor-effect benches had already to be replaced and that the ship’s owners pretended not to see it.

F1 – Author: Diego Catalano – Lord save her

picture: F1And Scuderia Ferrari, Mercedes AMG F1

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