National Cancer Institute: Competition for 16 Research Collaborators

IRCCS National Cancer Institute Foundation MilanIt launched, in Lombardy, a competition for health research collaborators, to be dedicated to the field sector of activity support for clinical research and the activities of the Ethics Committee.

The selection aims to Alumni It provides to cover 16 positions a fixed duration (Five-year term).

There is even time May 16 2022. Here is the advertisement and useful information for the application:


To participate in the Health Research Collaborators Competition at the National Cancer Institute, I Requirements summarized below:

  • Italian citizenship, citizenship of another member state of the Union or other category provided for in the notification;
  • be at least 18 years old;
  • fitness for work;
  • enjoyment of civil and political rights;
  • they have not received criminal convictions and do not have ongoing criminal proceedings for crimes that prevent, in accordance with the provisions in force, the establishment of a working relationship with the public administration;
  • not be dismissed, laid off or dismissed by a public administration;
  • Ordinary position in relation to military service obligations (only for male competitors born before 1986);
  • Not to be excluded from the active political electorate.

Candidates for the competition are also required to possess one of the following qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences (L-13), Biotechnology (L-2), Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technologies (L-29), Psychological Sciences and Technology (L-24), or Philosophy (L 5);
  • One-cycle master’s degree in Pharmacy (LM-13), or in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology (LM-13);
  • The degree recognized as equivalent to that stated, in accordance with the present provisions.

to choose

Applicants will be subject to two examstheoretical – practical and the other oral, with respect to the topics indicated in the notice attached at the end of the article.

IRCCS National Institute of Cancer Control

The National Cancer Institute of Milan is the largest pediatric oncology center in Italy and the second in Europe. The reference center for neuroendocrine tumors, is the only one in our country that is licensed for liver transplantation. The certification, awarded in 2010 by the European Society of Neuroendocrine Tumors (ENETS), made the National Cancer Institute among the ten best centers in Europe in this field.

Admission application

The application for participation in the Health Research Collaborators Competition must be submitted at the National Cancer Institute of Milan by 12.00 hrs May 16 2022 via remote procedureBy linking to this page.

This is a blog Furthermore it That in order to participate in the competition, a competition fee of 9.81 euros is required to be paid.


All interested parties are invited to read the notice (Pdf 204 Kb) published in excerpts in the Official Gazette issue. 30 of 04-15-2022.

More information

The Subsequent contacts Regarding exams, the ranking will be announced on the organization’s website in the section “Working with us > Competitions and notifications > Active competitions”.

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