NFT from Ibrahimovic. A few more hours to buy OPEN EDITION by M.Arm and Ivan Tresoldi for $150, then prices will go up dramatically

M.ARM (Paolo Manazza + Unknown Digital Artist) A $150 hard copy from NFT has been on auction since last night and again for two days on with an unlocked version (60 copies have already been sold). The animated version, shown in 10 copies, sold for $500 in three minutes and is now already on the NFT market for more than $9,000.

A few more hours to win precious digital works in OPEN EDITION inspired by icon Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Digital works inspired by Ibra Fly. Amazing success of the first three drops of adrenaline bill already from the first minutes of opening on March 24 at 6 pm. If time runs out for Unique Works on Friday 25th March, there are still a few hours to win 2 fixed OPEN EDITION Nft by Ivan Tresoldi and M.ARM on MakersPlace (, a well-known international platform for digital art that accepts payments Traditional (credit cards) and cryptocurrency.

For open versions, there is a time until March 27 at 18.00

After the auction, anyone looking for NFTs will be able to purchase them only from those who have been able to purchase one.

Thus, prices could be trending higher, thanks to the inevitable future growth of new collectors. As the NFT animated version of M.Arm already demonstrates. It sold out in 3 minutes at $500 each and is now already in circulation with orders over $9,000.

In these days of war, if someone thinks of the classic “safe haven origins,” they don’t understand where the world is headed. Peace is an essential component of the high-tech development of the twenty-first century. But today – in any case – to protect your belongings, it is enough to exchange old gold and diamonds (which you will carry in your pocket) with a smartphone.

Just create a wallet and buy, for example, NFTs. In the past two years, the sale of several NFTs in different markets has significantly increased their value. Moreover, whoever has it can always view it at home by attaching a stick to 55 or 65 inch vertical screens (marketed with this functionality). This is why the IbraNft Collection initiative is so interesting.

On or off the pitch it is always Zlatan Ibrahimovic. legend. Eleven phrases from the Swedish hero inspired eleven artists he met in Milan. they are laws adrenaline, the player’s latest bestseller (over 200,000 copies have already been sold), to be translated and reinterpreted as true digital works of art by some of the best talents on the Italian scene. All works are accompanied by the relative NFT Certificate, the digital certificate that guarantees its authenticity.

. digital team Corriere della Sera In association with ArtsLife, Wrong Theory, and ArtN. In addition to the editor of Cairo, who published the volume (adrenaline; My untold storiesfrom which it all began. For the first group in the world of NFT taken from a book, the group of participating artists is heterogeneous. From well-known names in painting such as Giovanni Frangi and Federico Guida, to neo-pop by Giuseppe Veneziano, to big-pop by Giovanni Motta, passing through Pao street scene and poet Ivan Tresoldi, to entering the crypto space with Hexeract, David Petaroli, singer of High Snob aka Eskalator and rapper GionnyScandal. Selection closed by M.ARM, an artistic partnership between Paolo Manazza (a new unofficial illustrator and journalist) and an anonymous original digital artist.

Evan Tresoldi – Fixed NFT work to be auctioned on March 24th at in open copy (within only 24 hours of auction). Price: $150 each
On March 24, it will be possible to purchase Nftdel poker aces Hexeract, GionnyScandal, Ivan Tresoldi and M.ARM on MakersPlace (, a well-known international digital art platform that accepts traditional (credit card) payments in cryptocurrency. . Some works will be in unique copies (1:1), others in limited editions, and still others in open edition. Prices start at $150. After the auction (which will run March 24 for 24 hours), anyone looking for NFTs will be able to purchase them only from those who have managed to purchase one. Thus, prices could be trending higher, thanks to the inevitable future growth of new collectors.

According to Alessandro Brunello, CEO of WrongTheory and co-curator of the project “The World of NFT, Blockchaines for Web 3.0 becomes indispensable for the contemporary artist and opens up new possibilities for dialogue in ultra-modern contexts.” While Elisa Josela, Coordinator and Head of Communications at ArtN, stresses how “this remarkable mega development for Nft – which represents a new artistic renaissance – is part of the roadmap for Golden Arts/ArtN, the cryptocurrency envisioned with ArtsLife that will be included in the In the coming months, its own market and Blockchain will be developed. Italy is the worldwide reference country for art and culture. Those who enter these projects now will enjoy great benefits in the future.” On the traditional front, do not miss the “Modenantiquaria” exhibition scheduled for March 26 to April 3. An ideal destination for art and design lovers, Emilian Gallery is filled with famous galleries. Marco Momoli, General Manager of ModenaFiere confirmed that it will be “a version of true excellence and absolute safety”. full speed ahead. For art, development and peace.

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