NFT, How to make money with Binance mysterious funds!

The NFT It is becoming increasingly popular with a market aiming to compete with the market digital currencies.

Certainly not so easy for those who take their first steps in the world Non-Fungible Code It is self-guidance and understanding how to determine a good purchase i.e. how to buy an NFT supplier that guarantees a good earning opportunity through trade.

In this context, there is a very interesting opportunity which is NFT mystery box. That is, you buy a pig in a poke, the NFT set is known, but the specific resource is not known, that is, the attributes and rarity of the non-fungible token.

Binance It’s not the only exchange that offers its own mystery squares, but the opportunities that can be found here are especially useful because many celebrities and brands have started using this mode to launch NFT collection.

Journey to discover Binance Mystery Box NFT

Let’s start from the basics and this is What is NFT Mystery Box, Which consists of a set of digital assets in the form of a non-rollable token, each of which is sold at a fixed price without knowing the content.

Simply it is like acusitare a bag of panini stickers, Fixed price but without knowing the rarity of the piece you will come out with.

Very interesting also for the important partnerships signed are Mystery Box Binance NFTthe popular exchange that now also hosts a section dedicated to non-fungible tokens.

All the NFT Sold with obscure funds, Binance runs on the same Blockchain as Binance Smart Chain, which has significantly lower commission costs than its competition. Ethereumwhose gas transaction fees are very high.

How to buy and how much does the NFT Mystery Fund cost on Binance?

buy a Mystery Box on Binance happen in BUSDThe stablecoin is pegged to the US dollar and runs on the same blockchain as NFTs.

Binance hosts a very wide world of NFT where through the mysterious chest system all of the digital art pieces are offered for sale, such as collections associated with famous personalities from the world of sports, NFT resources for metaverses and Play to win video games on Blockchain.

The Mysterious chest They are actually sold within specific project groups and each has a fixed base cost, which is obviously different NFT Which can have different rarities, so there is a possibility to get rare pieces at a low starting price.

Mystery chests are sold at a price that varies according to the collections, but starts at less than 20 euros per resource.

Still, buying an NFT asset on Binance is very easy and the only thing needed is a file crypto walletso as to deposit some BUSD.

Once you buy the mysterious funds, how do you redeem the NFT on Binance?

We come to an important aspect which is, once you have purchased one Mystery Box on Binance, How to open it and see the content.

Singles NFT on Binance They are sold for a limited time, with the advantageous window likely to close early due to the exhaustion of NFT resources which usually sell out within a few hours.

Once your purchase is complete, just click on the Non Fungible icon and that’s He appeared” Which piece of the set is detected NFT which was purchased.

Once the sale period is over and the lots are set, it is possible to trade with the purchased asset either on Binance NFT سوق Market Or by transferring a Non Fungible token to your crypto wallet.

Only on Binance the GB Sugar Sugar NFT puzzle box. What are they and why are they worthy of a treasure?

If we take a look at the latest collections, starting from April 24, it will be possible to buy GB Sugar Sugar NFT puzzle box on Binance.

These are NFT resources that are used to play a new game Blockchain video game Which will be available at the end of the month called Golden Bros.

Through the mysterious chests, the NFTs that make up the game characters in the Blockchain video game are offered for sale.

Each resource starts from a price $299, With the possibility of winning very rare characters.

In the specific case of this mystery box, we have a rather high starting price and this is due to a certain type of resource in the package.

Why this specific type of NFT . resource It is designed not only to be collected, but also to be used in the game Golden Bros And to evolve over time and change their attributes as the game progresses, so that even the non-fungible token itself becomes more valuable while playing.

NFT Resources for Blockchain Standards and Video Games are not actually static, but are equipped with variable features and parameters that can make The market value of the token. They are generally a particularly profitable type of resource, and therefore they start out at a relatively high cost even if they are purchased with mysterious chests.

NFT Musical Mystery Boxes from Famous Artists Arrive on Binance

Let’s take another example that gives a good idea of ​​the breadth of material that can be found on Binance in the form of the NFT puzzle chest.

Sold a few days ago ELT X Akon Music Mystery Boxes are a collection of 3500 NFT Each of them has a musical component.

Once the Non Fungible Code is purchased, the music file on the site can be used The element is black (under infinity music), Where the owners will be able to combine and recombine the song, thus creating a completely new personal NFT.

Anyone who owns one of these NFTs will also have access to the artist’s exclusive songs Icon to which the group belongs.

Each Mystery Box in this set is SOLD OUT for a price 150 dollars.

The Binance Economic Mystery Fund is for Roy Jones Jr.

We come to another set of mysterious chests NFT Sold a few days ago on Binance, but at an infinitely lower starting price, ie $35 per resource.

the group Mystery chest “Captain Hook” Created to celebrate Roy Jones Jr. Famous American Boxer Consists of 12,000 NFT Origins with different level of rarity.

Who wins the rare coins? Binance Mystery Box You also gain access to a host of additional benefits such as marketing and exclusive bonus content.

Remember that mysterious squares on Binance always represent exclusive These are the lots that are previewed on the exchange even if after redemption they can be transferred for trading on other exchange platforms.

Binance Limited Edition KYC Obscure Fund

Besides important partnerships, Binance also periodically launches its own personal NFT suites.

First of all, new users who register on the platform and go through all the identity verification steps receive a file Binance KYC Puzzle Box.

This is NFT Limited Edition Which, however, can be used for trading and transferred to an individual’s crypto wallet only when all resources are distributed.

It is a kind of welcome bonus that Binance NFT gives new users and from him IntoCrypto In his YouTube video, he gives us a step-by-step guide:

next to this Welcome Bonance Binance She periodically releases her own collections of self-produced and crafted mystery chests. An example is the Binance Easter egg collection, i.e. NFT Each Easter egg depicts a different rarity level.

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