What security, energy, and tax programs expect

Programmed differences between Macron and Le Pen regarding the presidential election in France. All the details

Emmanuel Macron She finished the first round of the French presidential election with 27.85% as her main rival won, Marine Le Penby 23.15%. There are several issues that the two candidates will have to spend in light of the ballot: the current tenant of the Elysee will play the game on social media, after being accused of being far from the daily problems of the French, the leader of the rally. National, who already loves those who live in the suburbs, will continue to insist on security and the need for a punitive system that ensures certainty of punishment. Here are the programs Macron And Luban In comparison with.


Macron Flick the 2017 electoral promise, namely the desire to “simplify” the aid so that all eligible French can get it. This simplification, defined by the President as a system of “solidarity at source”, will take the form of assistance to the “20 million French” which will take the form of various bonuses and family allowances, including RSA, equivalent to our citizenship income. Fifteen billion dollars will go to tax cuts. Macron He also said he was aiming for “full employment” within five years.

Marine Le Pen For its part, it intends to impose strong restrictions on social benefits for families and family benefits for non-French people or in any case for those spouses for whom both components should not be French, while the RSA will be granted only to foreigners who prove that they have undertaken a full five years of work in France.

He wants to push ahead with the 10% reduction in the first three income tax bands and take back the extra half of the tax for widows and widows. It also intends to reform the system of donations from fathers to their children, which will be exempt from taxes with a maximum limit of 100,000 euros per child and 50,000 euros for grandchildren. As for purchasing power, Marine le Pen wants to reduce the value-added tax from 20% to 5.5% on energy.

Wants to encourage entry for young people with “total” tax exemption for the first five years, support for their training (corporate training voucher), and promises to provide “interest-free public loans” to “young families” averaging under 30 years of age with a maximum of €100,000 for a home loan that “(will) be canceled by the third child”. However, in this case, the spouses must have at least one French citizen. The RN leader promised to return an average of €200 per month to French families by cutting energy taxes (gas, fuel, electricity, etc.).


Both candidates have been accused of not allocating enough space to energy and climate issues. Macron It reaffirmed its commitment to build six new nuclear reactors by 2050, while feasibility studies for eight other nuclear power plants will be launched. As for renewable energies, “solar energy will multiply by ten”, and again by 2050 France will have “fifty wind farms offshore”, as the French president has promised on several occasions. The current tenant of the Elysee also wants to support the purchase of electric cars, with “leasing mechanisms to accompany the most modest families and allow them to change their cars”. “We will publish an affordable offer for electric cars,” he said while presenting the program to the press.

Rival on a completely different front, Marine Le Pen, which instead promised to halt all projects in this regard and repeatedly raised the idea of ​​removing already existing wind farms. Energy Program Marine Le Pen It mainly focuses on the need to eliminate subsidies for renewable energies such as wind or solar energy. Luban He is instead in favor of nuclear power, one of the few issues on which he appears to agree with his rival.

the school

Macron She plans to reform education from scratch, calling it “wide consultation.” In short, she wants to deny accusations that she is an authoritarian and pledge to “collectively revolutionize the style” by starting “a broad consultation to discuss how best to achieve the goals by bringing all stakeholders around the table”.

In his electoral program, Macron He promises a “new agreement with teachers” which will include, first of all, a “significant salary increase”. The increase will be related to “setting new goals”. Whereas, Iron Fist is secured with absent teachers and promises a school able to proceed quickly with “replacement of absent teachers because we owe our students and their parents the entire lesson time”.

Marine Le Pen Eliminates the teaching of indigenous languages ​​and cultures, the so-called el common. Failure to attend will be punished with suspension of family allowances and scholarships. It will raise teachers’ salaries by 3% per year. He would like to limit the number of students per class in primary school to twenty and thirty students in secondary school and to reform the career path. It proposes the creation of 100,000 social housing annually, “of which 20,000 are for students and young workers”, with privileged access for the French. The candidate proposes “the systematic definition, by law, of the content of the lessons”, approved by the Minister of Education.


In terms of health, this Emmanuel Macron He repeatedly pointed out at the top of his future and future government agenda for the next five years, in the electoral program, that he promised to improve “access to emergency care” also by “simplifying hospital management and administration” in order to improve “prevention policy”. Judging by the experience gained during the years of the epidemic, the French president has reiterated on several occasions that “we need to be able to go farther, faster and stronger.” For this the Minister of Health, Olivier FerrandHe promised to organize a “big conference” on the health system if Macron was re-elected.

Marine Le Pen He has promised to bring back all unvaccinated nursing staff who have been suspended after the anti-Covid measures. The National Rally candidate also said she supports the retroactive payment of wages that were not paid during the suspension period, which she considers an assault on personal freedom. Finally, the far-right candidate reiterated her opposition to child vaccination and, more generally, compulsory vaccination.

As for the modernization of the national system, his plan is €20 billion over five years, of which €2 billion is to increase the salaries of health workers and employ 10,000 units. On the other hand, it also intends to abolish regional health agencies and set a cap of 10% for administrative jobs in hospitals, in order to allow more nursing staff to be hired. RN advocates suggest strengthening the emergency services staff, partnering with city medicine to ease the hospital and creating a separate sector for seniors. To increase the number of doctors, Le Pen proposes strong financial incentives, the development of telemedicine, and at the university level “enough places in medical schools to get the doctors the French need.”


Macron He had said he wanted to raise the defense budget to 50 billion euros in 2025, by increasing the reserves. Founder En Marche It intends to “invest in advanced technologies and strengthen investments in order to ensure the return of a high-intensity war to our continent”, and on the security front, in order not to leave the field open to the opponent, he promised to increase customers and gendarmes. He also talked about the European metaverse to make the EU independent of Chinese and US technology providers.

Luban It plans to move forward with repealing criminal laws that would push the judiciary into “judicial laxity”. The right-wing candidate intends to double the number of judges to 20,000 by 2028 and increase the number of staff and administrative or technical staff. He promises the police “the presumption of legitimate defence.” In the criminal sphere, he suggests “putting drug dealers in prison” and adapting the penalties of drug traffickers to the kilograms or grams of drugs they have. Persons convicted of sexual offenses will be registered with the Register of Sex Offenders and Offenders. The Security and Justice bill aims to increase the budget by 1.5 billion euros annually, create 7,000 police and gendarmerie stations and 3,000 administrative staff. It intends to increase the number of prisons to 85,000 by 2028. For minors, it provides for a doubling of educational penalties with financial penalties for parents (including the suspension of family allowances).

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