Avatar of Billy Berlusconi: “We digitize people’s bodies”

There was a time when Berlusconi changed the world of television forever. Between the 1970s and 1980s, the arrival of Mediaset networks disturbed the Italian publishing and television scene. Today, forty years later, there is another Berlusconi, in this case Pele – also known as David Luigi – who brought another innovation to Italy. Yes, because the son of Paolo Berlusconi, the younger brother of Silvio, created the first avatar factory in our country, giving everyone the opportunity to create their own digital ego – an avatar in fact – with which they can order remotely, without errors of measurement, a new dress in the tailor’s shop , provides a dietician with the full range of body data needed to determine a diet, integrating a medical history with more up-to-date data. And then, in the future, use it to access the metaverse with an authorized digital identity. All thanks to the contribution of Blockchain, a technology that Billy Berlusconi has studied for over ten years: “My family has always been full of innovators,” he said in an interview with the Huffington Post. There will be an increased need for innovation. Digital transformation is an irreversible process. Especially after the pandemic.

Once you have the metaverse done, you have to create the avatars. 100 euros is enough and you can make your own, Igoody, the company founded and led by Billy Berlusconi. 40 years, for more than ten years he has been dealing with digital innovation, he is one of the first Italians to focus on cryptocurrency, in 2014 – a geological era if we talk about digital – I opened Xlab, a company created to promote the use of Bitcoin, in an age still It is considered a lottery bet rather than a trend where it later became. Family Vice: This is the same path recently taken by Cousin Luigi, son of the former Prime Minister, who last year invested in Young Platform, a startup in Turin that created a cryptocurrency platform capable of managing, among other things, investing in gold through Bitcoin, which is in direct competition with global giants such as Coinbase and Robinhood.

“With the pandemic, the digitization of the economy has experienced a strong acceleration. In recent months, with the emergence of news related to the development of metaversives, the race to invest in this area has begun, which, of course, is preferred by a good dose of media hype,” says Billy Berlusconi. When Big Tech, Zuckerberg is at the fore, able to create a virtual dimension where you can do everything with the help of augmented reality headsets and headphones, it will be necessary to have your own body even in the digital world. Here’s Egodi’s bet: “When we talk about avatars, we think of two possible things: video games or the heroes of a James Cameron-created film series.”

There is also a third possibility to be honest: in India someone might think of Avatar, that is the descent of a deity on earth with the aim of re-establishing the dharma, according to ancient Hindu theology. And it is precisely from Sanskrit that first English, and then Italian, borrowed the term when we speak of the modern glyph. However, in digital modernity, the process is the opposite of the Hindu process: an avatar is a body that transcends space. digital body. And that is exactly what was created at the Berlusconi factory. Simply enter The Gate, a strange egg-shaped container that can be found inside the Green Pea in Turin. In a few minutes the game ends. “There is a body scanner – as Berlusconi himself tells us – equipped with 128 cameras which, through a calculation process, creates a 3D model exactly identical to ours.” Skin color, height, weight, eyes, hair. Even position.

To get it, just download it on the Igoody app. “It’s the smart body. Avatar 2.0, the evolution of video game avatars, is a perfect version of us. But in bit form. Why is that? The application areas are many, especially in an age as digitized as ours, where everything is increasingly oriented towards digital”. We spend a lot of our time on social media. We shop online through e-commerce platforms, and many of us don’t even go to the office thanks to remote work. “That is why it is easy to see to what extent the avatar will be more and more useful to us,” Berlusconi asserts. “And I’m not just talking about the metaverse.” Yes, because far from the future of Meta, having a smart object with all our physical data on your smartphone could be useful, for example, for sending our exact measurements to a tailor, without necessarily having to go to the store. “Telesartoria but also healthcare. We can run multiple checks over time and assess our body’s transformations with the utmost accuracy.” Send our avatars to a dietitian at regular intervals, to understand how the diet is progressing.” But also to a personal trainer, if we are following a workout or working on body position. As the founder of Igoody says: The body in real life is as avatar in the metaverse.

Innovate, is the innovation of our digital ego, which can interest not only individual user and consumer, but also interest in companies and banks. “The avatar is already used today as a virtual assistant. Thanks to artificial intelligence, it can talk with customers, simplifying a whole chain of operations such as managing a bank branch, taking care of customers, or providing customer assistance in financial services.” And then, Berlusconi predicts that there will be a near future where the centralization of digital identity will become necessary. Today we have several registrations: every time we sign up for a platform, we have to provide a specific identity. However, when we enter metaviruses, it will be necessary to certify our digital person, so that we can carry out a whole chain of operations, such as cryptocurrency payments. The avatar will help make the system more secure and free of fraud.”

Everything is very clear. But there is one last question we have to ask Billy Berlusconi, and it is an obligatory one: Do your father Paolo and Uncle Silvio know each other about cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency? “They always showed an interest and tried to understand what we were talking about, even if the topic was not easy.” Have you ever explained to him how Blockchain works? Berlusconi jokingly replies: “Look, every day.” “It is not easy, for them as it is for many others who belong to that generation. But they are still very intrigued. And they are cheering for the project we are undertaking.”

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