Bitcoin Cash Accumulation? Are you expecting a shift?

One of the cryptocurrencies discussed recently and on everyone’s lips is Bitcoin Cash, one of the world’s most capitalized crypto-derivative assets that for years remained one of the most analyzed assets in the crypto sector. In the past few hours, experts began to assess the possible Bitcoin Cash Accumulation A possible reversal of the trend.

Since January, thus in the first part of 2022, bitcoin cash trend Show a sideways trend, with two levels spaced. On the one hand, the resistance level is around $350 for the unit and on the other hand, the support level is around possibilities around $270.

The cryptocurrency, accompanied by fresh capital, managed to crack it after some time Support Threshold During March, with a subsequent correction. Small milestone, so stay relatively little on the asset chart.

We will have the opportunity to investigate the matter further, and not before we remember how the same cryptocurrency, i.e. BCH . symbol, is currently on the best online brokers. One of the most complete and professional eTorowhich includes more than 60 tradable crypto assets.

Bitcoin Cash Accumulation? Changes in the short term

Before going into details about the possible Bitcoin Cash AccumulationIt is good to focus attention on the changes in the last few hours on the cryptocurrency. Specifically, in the early hours of April 26, 2022, the cryptocurrency was trading in shares worth about $307 per unit.

A value that stands out another point, compared to the maximum points the asset has demonstrated during 2021 A decrease in flexion equal to about 1/5 of the ATH. From September 2021 until the first weeks of January 2022, the value of the cryptocurrency underwent significant corrections.

Thus there was buildup at the bottom of the chart in the 3-month interval, with BCH no longer able to get the 2021 odds and no new historical high point. Yet he is 7 hour chart It is possible to confirm a recent recovery trend.

The Values ​​under $312 Per unit, it was recently replaced by an increase in a few hours, which made it possible to first cross the $315 threshold and then reach around $320 per unit. A goal is definitely not an extreme point, but in any case it’s an access point that you can consider.

In all this, it is necessary in any case to consider how the period is still somewhat singular in order to be able to all Cryptocurrency sector. Even the world’s most capitalized cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, has struggled lately, reaching shares of less than $40,000 per unit.

Aspects that can not be ignored, especially with regard to the strait Connection between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Final notes

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