Earn free NFT? Born Illuvium: Play and Win NFT

.’s new frontier Blockchain video games About to arrive and be summoned Eluviuma real metaverse, i.e. a virtual reality where the goal will be not only to explore, but also to compete with other users.

The main goal of the Illuvium project is to create a completely decentralized game, i.e. a game that can function independently. next to the mechanism decentralization Illuvium will also be the first Blockchain video game with a file 3D cinema quality Able to deliver a highly immersive experience.

Sarah open world adventure High quality graphics, never created on Blockchain Ethereum This is to attract the interest of not only players but also the enthusiasts of crypto assets.

The entire economy of the game will in fact be based on cryptocurrencies, while the resources that start with the game characters will be so NFT, With the special feature of evolution as the game itself progresses.

That is, as the adjectives of those NFTs evolve Upgrading characters also increases their market value with the potential to make a really high income by trading these resources.

But the great potential of Illuvium lies in the enormous potential to free one’s enrichment NFT . collection From the game resources, where the task of users will be to explore a ruined world and capture the NFT of monstrous creatures, which can then be resold for a huge profit.

Illuvium, where NFTs are exchanged without commissions thanks to the immutable X protocol

From the point of view of Blockchain technology Eluvium The metaverse will be based on Ethereum, but it will use the protocol X is immutable To process transactions, such as NFT sales of gaming assets.

One of the main problems of the projects NFT It is actually generally related to the transaction cost of the Ethereum network, which currently has very high gas fees.

still, Ethereum At the moment, it has low scalability with a limited number of transactions that the network can handle at the same time. To get around these drawbacks, Illuvium opts for a stable X protocol that allows users to exchange NFTs without paying gas-related commissions and using what is known as Zero accumulation of knowledge (ZK).

In addition to savings on gas rates, the Non-Scalable X System offers a number of other benefits, including increased scalability.

Capabilities X is immutable Described in a YouTube video created as an introductory guide by Silvio NFTs Which we suggest seeing:

How does Illuvium allow players to earn free NFT resources?

Choose this specific protocol, X is immutablebecause part of the objectives of the game Illuvium is to capture some monstrous creatures, i.e. New NFTs. In short, Illuvium is designed for players to constantly modify their NFTs and increase their pool of resources, with Immutable X, as they aren’t bombarded with fixed gas commissions for every small mod of their collection.

Transactions thanks to this protocol also happen faster, so players can stay focused on what they’ve come to do in the metaverse: exploring, collecting, fighting, and Earn cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

The capabilities of video games to run on Blockchain are built from Eluvium The part is specifically to allow monetization through playing, and that’s because they earn NFT or cryptocurrency Which can then be resold on exchange platforms or built-in marketplaces metaverse.

How to Increase the Market Value of Illuvium NFTs

Let’s take a deeper look at the groups Eluvium NFT and how it fits with Play In addition to the endless monetization possibilities that this metaverse offers.

The story is quite compelling as players will take on the role of the survivor of a spacecraft crashing into the planet Illuvium while investigating a mysterious distress signal captured in space.

Once in Illuvium, players will have to explore a world now in ruins surrounded by an ocean of crystal and constantly vibrating with climatic reflections. This aspect in addition to making the plot compelling also serves to introduce a dynamic set of settings as you explore Metaverse NFT.

However, the goal will also be to capture mysterious objects as you explore them and then get them for free.

These creatures are calledLovial” Some of them are very rare NFTs that are also hard to find and pick up, and some are more common, affecting the market value of the asset.

Anyway, the core planet It emits strange radiation that the Illuvials use to grow, transform, and unleash deadly attacks. They are actually NFTs that evolve by changing their traits.

With this particular type of crypto assets, that is, those belonging to Blockchain metaversi, It should always be borne in mind that the very characteristics for which they are optimized and changed parameters provide a huge potential for monetization. Because as the game progresses, the economic value of these games also increases NFT.

One way, for example, to quickly upgrade your character and increase Economic value From the resource NFT wins battles against other players.

All game assets can be traded Ethereum This is the Blockchain that hosts the Illuvium metaverse.

All NFT collections that you can monetize thanks to the Illuvium metaverse

In addition to the characters there are others NFT . groups which represent game items that will be used in the Illuvium metaverse.

For example, during the game, some tools and resources can be obtained or extracted including NFT from “Fragments” (fragments).

These game items represent different NFTs from each other and are vital, as they represent the strength presented to the game characters Capture the Illuvials.

But in this metaverse, it’s not just the characters fighting, chasing, and needing weapons, which is another NFT collection that also boosts the game’s performance.

Different weapons give different abilities in the game and these abilities have also been used or rented in the shop Built into the platform for a specific use purpose.

Another possibility to profit and trade in the metaverse with LAND NFTs. What is?

Illuvium that fully exploits the potential of Blockchain technology is being formed as a true metaverse, and this is a reality open world Expandable and where you can own plots of land.

That is, you can buy another specific type of resource NFT Which in fact assigned part of the virtual reality to their respective owners.

Being a video game play to earn The ground In addition to representing resources to trade with, they will also have game functions such as character regeneration.

Now available in beta from Illuvium, it is scheduled to launch in the second quarter of this year, while 2023 will also see the arrival of an app that will allow you to play and explore metaverse directly with your smartphone.

As for the original cryptocurrency Which supports the gaming economy at the moment, 1 ILV is worth about 478 euros, a rather high price that also reveals the full potential of the project as a whole.

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