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In May 2022 A new virtual mobile operator will appear In Italy, which will be called elimobileto the community Elite Mobilewhose project aims to integrate mobile phones with Cryptocurrencies, metaverse and social networks.

As previously told by MondoMobileWeb Elite Mobile SpAbased in Milan, on Via Fratelli Gabba 6, has received June 22, 2021 from MISE general permission to become Enhanced Service Provider (ESP) Mobile and Personal Servicesso as to create a new operator Virtual type ESP.

Although there is not much information initially about the new MVNO, in source lists From other operators already Referred to for several months as Elite Mobile.

New default launcher and official icon

Over the past few months, the project has included the default operator of the new Italian mobile network Mario Kolabovo, founder and CEO of the companywho defines himself as an entrepreneur with a focus on “Digital management, brand management and eminent personalities in the world of influencer marketing in Italy” And who also worked hacker growth.

On the left is Gianluca Vacchi, on the right is Mario Kolabovo, CEO and founder of Elimobile.

In fact, recently Social Profiles From the new MVNO, which will use the . extension Elimobile brand and logo.

The official site Instead Azelmobileat any Countdown to launch date operator, which will be according to what is reported Monday, May 16, 2022 at 09:00.

a teaser video . Championship urban theoryA crew of professional dancers totting Which in this case creates a file The choreography design reproduces the Elimobile logomade up of A heart with the letter e inside. The post on social media has the wording “We are coming… Follow the heart #limobile #seguilcuore”.

The operator describes itself as: “Elimobile is the first Social mobile player In Italy. It brings together the world of communication and the world of social media. In addition to a special offer in terms of price, gigabytes, quality and speed, Unlock Mobile provides access to a social community full of exclusive content..

As mentioned earlier, the entire project that aims to combine telephony, social media, influencer marketing and blockchain has been in development for several months already.

On March 4, 2022 in Dubai it was held release Elite Dollarsthe official symbol of Elimobilea project led by Mario Kolabovo himself and a well-known and influential businessman Gianluca Vacci.

The event was attended by many investors and promoters of the project, including the former football player Alessandro Del Piero.

With the official code Elite DollarsElimobile, based on the Polygon blockchain, reportedly “Ready to bring blockchain as a structural element in the concept of telecommunications”.

More details about the Elimobile project

As stated in Elimobile token official website, elite-token.comThe Italian virtual launcher was initially scheduled to launch in March 2022, but as mentioned it will instead happen on May 16, 2022.

They are also shown on this site Some important features That will distinguish the Elimobile.

The company remembers that first “For the first time ever” phone company He will connect his community and services with a cryptocurrency. In fact, Elimobile will allow its customers to use an Elite code to purchase mobile credit and access Elisium social platform Where are the creators? Local and international influencers.

According to the company, Elimobile’s mission and vision can be placed in both Price-quality ratio range In terms of the cost of offers to customers (the site mentions a basic subscription for 9 euros), both in High quality band (hence the name elite) For the services offered and solutions designed for its clients.

According to the information on the site, the new Italian virtual operator will rely on the mobile network of a national operator 4G coverage at 99.7%.

After the prefix that Elimobile will use, the customer You can personalize your number by choosing “VIP Phone Number”which will be assigned to the SIM card sent to the specified address and automatically activated by the customer through a recognition-enabled application.

Elimobile will not have a retail network, so without any actual selling point. Consumer customers will be able to subscribe to the offers Online Exclusive on the operator’s website.

According to what the company said, the operator will be established Target to reach 5 million customers by 2022/2023thanks for the Very competitive rates for voice and data packages.

to any concern customer careElimobile will have a file Call center with local operators.

Alessandro Del Piero with Elimobile CEO, Mario Kolabovo.

Elisium, the “exclusive” social network for Elimobile customers

The goal and task that Eli Mobile has set for itself will be to create a file ‘real economic system’ Which combines communication services and cryptocurrency, generating Exchanges between users and transactions for the purchase of NFTs, as well as telephone goods and servicesAnd “Increasing the value and providing stability for the company’s token”.

In this sense, as mentioned earlier, customers of the new default launcher will have Access to Elysiumwhich is an “exclusive” social network owns Contents are created by local and international influencers And share it with fans across the platform.

In fact, Elimobile SIM holders will have access to exclusive Elisium contents, such as Master Classes, Meet and Greet, Limited Edition Marketing, Groups and Video Previews and Backstage.

As Elite reports, these contents will allow “Meet and interact with the most important local and international celebrities in sports, music, art, cuisine, cinema and more”.

The content of this community will be partially displayed Free for all Elimobile customers Partially released For a fee in the form of NFT (Non-Fungible Code).

The company defines Elisium as A “Metaverse for digital services and entertainment”which combines the social media model and the blockchain: it is then a file decentralized platform who – which “It rewards social interaction, quality of content and influencers themselves” That feeds the community with cryptocurrencies.

This content, in fact, is Digitize in NFT It can be Only purchased through tokens Elite DollarsOwners are guaranteed exploitation rights within the platform.

Thanks to Cristiano for the report.

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