Elon Musk buys Twitter and Dogecoin flies! | What will the future of DOGE be now?

In the end it happened. an offer Elon Musk to Twitterespecially useful for Shareholders From the popular social network, it was accepted.

This had immediate repercussions on the market as well encryptionIn particular Dogecoin. This is by your own judgment Link between Elon Musk same and The meme coin par excellencegiven that many expect the naturalized American entrepreneur to take advantage of the purchase to integrate his platform Doge.

Twitter pays Doge, or rather Elon Musk takes care of him

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Elon Musk buys Twitter and pushes $DOGE up too

The news is one of those that has gone viral on the internet and newspapers within seconds. Elon Muskwhich she had bought a few weeks ago nearly 10% Of the group’s stock, they ended up buying the entire social network of the little bird.

All this at the end of the battle relatively shortwith the boardor the directors groupAt first, she refused, then had to give up Affordable Offer from musk.

What does this have to do with the crypto world? basic: Elon Musk In addition to having Bitcoin In the cashier personally and via Teslais one of the most representative characters of the ecosystem around which it revolves Dogecoin. Kind of Spiritual fatherLike He had to know himselfwhich can bring the coin inside, if it is well ventilated Twitterperhaps to pay for these services.

The fact that a purchase can result in a price to pay Dogecoinactually in 24 very positive hours for the world Cryptocurrency Based on BitcoinThe market appears to be finally back in the green.

What will change from Twitter?

Maybe a lot. Once your purchase is technically complete, you will proceed to Elon Musk Take out the group from Wall Street So make it one Private company. According to Tesla’s CEO, this will be the only way to implement those changes to Twitter’s performance that can finally make it thrive.

An opinion that seems to be shared by Jack DorseyFounder Twitter who gave up social network A short time ago to fully devote themselves Bitcoin. However, not everyone seems happy with the arrival muskespecially between employees From the social network, which will now have to deal with a property that is certainly more oriented towards moderation smooth Content.

What is changing for Dogecoin?

It will depend on what the actual moves are Elon Musk in this meaning. will really integrate Dogecoin Inside the social network? Will it really be the currency we will use to check ourselves? It’s hard to say at the moment.

The truth is that only access musk To start purchases, with Dojiat the time of writing, it is higher than i 16 cents. It’s still a long way from all-time highs, but it’s finally in a turn.

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