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from Luigi Ferrari

Milan, the complaint of lawyer and art collector, Giuseppe Ianacone, in the crosshairs of the pirates: this is how they facilitate crimes. The page dedicated to his important collection of artwork has been hacked

As if it were Instagram (i.e. Facebook, now Meta), though it clearly holds the keys to bringing an important art collector back to life. The digital home of his collection after that An unknown squatter changed the lockrefuses to be allowed to return to the house and return the lock to exclude the rapist, thus facilitating arbitrary access to the occupier and extortion at the expense of the rightful owner: the unique situation in which he finds himself Giuseppe Ianconi, one of the most successful lawyers in Milan, especially in corporate criminal matters and in particular in the field of bankingbut also known asAn important collection of artworks from the period 1920-1945 and from the contemporary era To which the Milan Triennale dedicated an exhibition in 2017.

ransom in bitcoin

The group has a page on Instagram His account Collezionegiuseppeiannaccone linked to the email address info@collezionegiuseppeiannaccone.it, in which I Owners of Iannaccone and curators Daniele Vinaroli and Gloria Fergani. But on April 6, the curator receives a WhatsApp message on her phone. A digital hacker shows her that he took the group’s Instagram page hostageIt is now controlled by muhabbetm883@gmail.com. So that yanaconi and his They find out that they have been kicked off Instagram for their groupto return that The rapist asks for 200 euros paid in bitcoin.


Two hundred euros for a lawyer whose annual income is six zeros is only As a citizen, he rejects the idea of ​​succumbing to blackmail (Even in the face of the hacker’s threat to hand over the Instagram page for a third more expensive than it), he files a complaint with the prosecutor’s office, above all He thinks he’s doing the most obvious thing: turning to Instagram (like Facebook, now Meta) to rule out the hacker The rapist from the stolen Instagram page, and returns to the rightful owner the ownership of the digital display of the group. So, follow the appropriate procedure explained on the Instagram website In case of account theft: sending a photo of the face and an identity document, then the subsequent comparison between the sent photo and the photos on the stolen Instagram page.

the joke

Thank you for submitting your video a selfie. We have received this information and are waiting for verification. We will contact you within one business day. Thanks. Instagram team, The answer, which becomes ironic when he hears Iannaccone himself, is answered the next day, again by the impersonal Instagram team, we were unable to confirm your identity from the video you sent. You can submit a new video and we will check it again. No name, no address, no phone. and empty yesWithout any notes, all subsequent communications that the lawyer then directs to the Italian headquarters of Facebook are also sent to the Italian headquarters. Basically – Iannaccone complains to the social network – you’re not providing any help to a crime victim, but rather someone who appears to be free to illegally enter others’ profile, be convenient and extort money from the rightful owner who, in order to get it back, seems to have no choice Only give in to blackmail. Let me take a look at my deep disappointment as a citizen and as a user. As a citizen, the lawyer says that he does not pay 200 euros in ransom, because I did not consider myself subject to extortion due to trust in justice, and as a user because I vainly confided in your due assistance, which instead utterly failed. We are sorry to note that the winner is the anonymous rapist, but also that your inaction is not only a breach of contractbut in fact also facilitate the crimes of unauthorized access to a computer system and attempted extortion.

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Apr 26, 2022 (change on Apr 26, 2022 | 07:33 AM)

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