ITS Academy Mechatronics Veneto opens registration for the 2022-24 biennium

Teamwork and problem solving, the cross-sectional skills most in demand today in the world of work, as evidenced by the many success stories of previous students, 14 post-diploma courses in Automation, Mechatronic Systems and Industry 4.0 across the Veneto to create project and maintenance technical managers, designers and entrepreneurs who are able to meet the challenges of digital transformation.

There are now many examples of mechatronics graduates who today have fulfilled the dream of a job that helps create innovation: from founder of a start-up in the tanning sector to technician at CERN in Geneva, from factory test specialist to many projects. Managers, installers and maintenance workers who supervise the quality of Made in Italy machines in Italy and abroad.

Because knowing how to conceptualize, design and solve in an innovative way with the professionalism and skills that today’s companies are looking for is essential to making a decisive leap towards a digital and automated future. To respond to the urgent demand for high-level specialized skills from the local economy, the ITS Mechatronic Veneto Academy, for 10 years as a reference point in training and increasing technical skills in the local industrial fabric, has expanded its offering throughout Veneto. It does so keeping in mind the demands of companies and the strong demand for access from boys and girls who understand the importance of post-diploma technical training.

There are 14 active courses in all provinces in the three titles: Senior Technician for Automation and Mechatronic Systems, Senior Technician for Mechanical Process and Product Innovation, Senior Technician for Information Technology in Industry 4.0. Courses in the Vicenza region take place in Vicenza and Skye.

Courses, targeting all students with Five year diploma (Technical and Vocational Institutes and Secondary Schools) are created in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and co-financed by the Veneto Region and the European Social Fund.

The advertisement can be seen in all details on the website Registration until July 14.

350 places will be available for priority access picks for the month of July. Students who are close to maturity and who recognize themselves in theoretical and practical training know that they can count on an audience of more than 250 companies willing to welcome them first into training and then into the company. Training guarantees employment for 98% of the students of our institute in the six months following graduation (Source Indire).

A track that includes 2,000 hours of training, of which 1,200 are between classroom and lab, where teachers come mainly from companies, 800 hours in company according to a 3+2 module, or 3 days in a classroom/lab and 2 in a company each week. A program that allows the student to gradually enter the company and direct direct contact with the world of work. Students develop real projects for the companies in which they are listed, through teamwork activities in which they learn to deal with critical issues, present new ideas and propose innovative solutions to concrete problems.

Baggage then turns into opportunities as evidenced by the many graduates currently hired as project managers, maintenance technicians, designers and entrepreneurs.

From October Instituto Mechatronico Veneto expands its presence in Veneto

Registration 2022-24 is open from 7 March to 14 July 2022

Professional figures formed by ITS Mechatronic Veneto

  • Senior IT Technician in Industry 4.0 – Positions: VicenzaVerona, Thee (VI)
  • Senior Technician for Process Innovation and Mechanical Products – Locations: Squee (sixth)Padova, Treviso
  • Senior Technician for Automation and Mechatronic Systems – Locations: VicenzaVerona, Padua, Mestre, Montebelluna (TV), Conegliano (TV), Belluno, Portogruaro (VE)

Data from ITS Mechatronics Veneto:

  • 3 professional features
  • 14 cycles
  • 811 alumni in total from 2010 to July 2021
  • 100% approx. The percentage of employees
  • 6 months, average time to hire
  • 250 companies participate
  • 97 participating members (52 companies, 34 high schools, 4 employer associations, 7 training institutions)
  • 800 hours of training per student
  • 1200 hours of lessons in the classroom and lab
  • 50% of teachers are from companies
  • Achieving personal skills such as teamwork, problem solving, knowledge of English and practical scientific technical skills

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