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The story of Cetraro’s birthplace is a tiring and complex story that absorbed the most powerful will energies from the day when, in 2019, after the tragic event in which Saint…

Posted on: 04/26/2022 – 9:03 pm

By E. Cennamo* and G. Aieta **

The story of Cetraro’s birthplace is a tired and complex story that absorbed the strongest will energies from the day when, in 2019, after the tragic event involving Santina Adamo, to which our moving memory goes, with DCA I am activities were suspended. It was the prolonged and nerve-wracking activities of the mayors who followed one another, specifically the Aita and Senamo, with the support of the then regional advisor Giuseppe Aieta. So much so that the stages that led to the current outcome give us some peace of mind without giving up. Indeed, to get the birth point to be revitalized, there are still some steps – frankly – the president of the region, Roberto Okiotto, as Commissioner for Health, pledged support in order to protect the right of mothers to the Tyrrhenian Sea and Valle dell’Esaro to live the moment of motherhood with joy.
The phases that have accompanied from 2019 to today the winding story of the birthplace of Cetraro have so far been pursued with concern and seriousness given that the reasons for the suspension of activities lie in organizational and technical problems that have been gradually remedied thanks to the continuous work of local institutions in agreement with the Commissioner for Asia and the Pacific, Vincenzo La Regina.
Various ministerial and regional committees noted problems of a vegetative nature in the second delivery room, the lack of an operating room dedicated to gynecological interventions, insufficient technological equipment, the absence of a chief medical officer, and, therefore, it is not always clear the chain of command. Yes, we have intervened at the structural level by modifying the delivery block and the operating block and started the procedures to define the manager of the complex structure. About a year ago, a positive opinion was given about the work and the approved procedures.
Once the bankruptcy procedures are completed to identify the lead doctor, the department is waiting for the non-compliance to reopen again.
The writer’s intention is not to open controversial fronts but only to reassert the truth on all the stages that accompanied this delicate story in which we saw heroes in general isolation. This would be a victory for the city and its representatives from local and regional institutions with the only important and decisive exception of Chief Occhiuto who immediately accepted our plea.

Ermanno Cinamo – Mayor of Citraro
** Giuseppe Aieta – Former Regional Adviser


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