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The winter sports They seem to have gone into hibernation, as the season has now changed. However, this is exactly the time of year when the foundations are laid fornext winter. In this regard they pray good news to Italian movement from Nordic specialties. Although there is nothing official yet, Rumors And the stray thoughts agreed, and above all they ceased to whisper, but began to speak loudly. The subjunctive mood in the tenses is still essential, however, unless there are dramatic fluctuations, ready to leave room for the indicative mood.

The first good news is the fact that the big players are still in doubt about the continuation of their competitive activity should dissolve the reserve in a short time, and announce the extension of their careers. Let’s talk about Dorothea Weirer And Federico Pellegrino. Both were born in 1990, at the end of March, and had hinted that they weren’t sure they were on the right track in 2022-23. Obviously there should be very few doubts and both will indeed remain Planning to prepare In view of the next season.

The bigger question mark It’s about sports in South Tyrol, who has very few goals to achieve after winning the individual Olympic medal lost from her comfort in Beijing. However, the color blue is still completely competitive. She won’t be able to win the World Cup anymore, but she remains one of the 6 best players in the ring and beyond The dry race can still have its say in the winMaybe only when there are medals available. The World Cup 2023 programmed for Oberhof, a context that the veteran Rasun-Anterselva warrior never liked. However, feelings are common to anyone in the circle.

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The city of Thuringia is often plagued with bad weather, but for Wierer, this may be an advantage. Experience does not decrease, as well as coolness and talent in the shooting range. They are all traits that are due to her You can blow up the bank Its one of the most complex sites ever, especially if you are going to support with good material. Extreme cold is not expected in Zhangjiakou, where the 2022 Olympic Games were held, in central Europe. If anything, the problem could be the opposite (fog and temperatures above zero), but it’s the same Known environmental condition And even in this case, the experience of those who equip the skis should not be lacking.

about the Cross-country skier in Aosta ValleyOn the other hand, there were fewer unknowns, other than what was announced in March. For a pure runner, 32 is not a few and the Planica 2023 World Championship program predicts the rapid test is classic techniquein which Shiko He has not been on the podium since 2018. However, Sprint will be in the beloved Ski and with Russia They are currently excluded from any competition of an international nature, in addition to freeing themselves a place on the podium, they are completely changing dynamics certain races.

A quick sprint in pairs is only one of them, because the Russians were interested in him stay high pace to try to exhaust Norway. But without Bolshunov and his comrades, no one seems to have the qualities and interest in pursuing an aggressive strategy. Perhaps Finland is in an alternating pace, which, as mentioned, will not be used in a sprint in pairs. So Tactical competition insight? If so, then on paper Italy would be the favorite for silver.

Moreover, speaking of Russia, I attended the relationship between the union between Elena Valbe and the German coach Marcus Kramer It’s over now. The Teutons had already followed Pellegrino and Francesco de Fabiani, grouped with Sergei Ustyugov, Gleb Ritvik and share. during the last summer. According to insiders, Kramer will be next to Signing a contract with the ‘Italia, and thus actually became a member of the blue technical staff. In what role is not yet known. Will it be “only” a coach to be added to the existing coaches, or will the entire sector be handed over to him? Details, because his betrothal is one of the “certain conditions”, rather the prerequisite, then Shiko I continue.

So just wait official statusHowever, everything indicates that Wierer and Pellegrino are also on the right track in 2023. Cross-country skiing should have a world-renowned technician, while no exciting additions to the biathlon have been announced. Talk about someone Ole Einar BjørndalenBut 99.9% of them were one fit.

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