Bachelor’s Degree in Agri-Food Science and Technology L-26

The three-year course in Agri-Food Science and Technology is part of the L-26 degree category. Do you want to know more? Read our guide!

there Graduation Class L-26 Refers to a three-year course of study awarded at the end of it Bachelor’s degree in Agri-Food Science and Technology. Those who hold this degree have a basic knowledge of physics, mathematics, chemistry, computer science and biology: all subjects that are, however, oriented to their applied aspects of science and technology along the entire food production chain.

Those who attend this course have a full view of the activities and problems From food production to consumption And the ability to intervene with measures that ensure food safety, quality and safety, reduce waste, and preserve and distribute food. Let’s find out more about this course in Italian universities together.

L-26 in Italian universities

Semester Certificate Course L-26 Agri-food science and technology It is available in both public universities and in remote universities, which we will talk about specifically later. Recall that the general purpose of the job functions Graduated in Food Science and Technology It is the continuous improvement of food products in the qualitative and economic sense, which takes into account the sustainability and environmental compatibility of industrial activities and is able to integrate innovations into each activity.

Each faculty has different titles that are part of this degree category: from the Ecological Agriculture and Rural Development course to the Agricultural Technology Course for the Environment and Territory, to the Agricultural Science Course for Food and Environmental Safety in the Tropics. between Italian Universities Who have more curriculum than this three-year course of study in Food Science and Technology We find:

  • University of Florence
  • Catholic University of the Sacred Heart
  • University of Naples “Federico II”
  • Tosya University
  • University of Mediterranean Studies Reggio Calabria

Now let’s see it all together Benefits To take this course at an online university.

Food Science and Technology In remote universities

class degree course L-26 Food Science and Technology It is delivered online only by San Raffaele Telematic University that offers a course in Food sciences and gastronomy. Studying Food Science online offers many advantages compared to a public university, where the lessons can be taken comfortably from home thanks to the e-learning method. Trips should only be taken for exams and graduation sessions in person: fortunately, San Raffaele has a chain of branches located from north to south Italy.

Before talking about job opportunities, we advise you to do so Fill out the form at the bottom of the article Find out about San Raffaele offices in Italy.

Food Science and Technology: What are the job opportunities?

Those who choose to pursue a course of study L-26 Online Food Science and Technology has many career opportunities Available:

  • Teaching, professional training, marketing and publishing related to food science and technology
  • Global quality management of the supply chain, as well as with reference to product traceability problems
  • Management of food and related organic products production enterprises, including effluent purification and by-product recovery processes
  • Preparation and management of meals in collective, institutional and commercial catering facilities, including gastronomic facilities
  • Planning and controlling the health and safety aspects of food products from field to table in both private and public facilities
  • Evaluation of the quality, chemical, physical, sensory, microbiological and nutritional properties of finished products, semi-finished products and raw materials
  • Monitoring the production, preservation and transformation of food commodities and products
  • Packaging and distribution logistics

L-26: What can be taught?

What can be taught with a Bachelor’s degree in Food Science and Technology? There is no possibility to enter the General Teaching Competition without Master’s or specialist qualificationthat’s why with the L-26 class you can teach, but only after obtaining 120 CFU (formative university credits) with a master’s degree, in addition to the 180 CFU already obtained through the short degree programme.

there Normal continuation of the training course It consists of the following master’s degree courses:

  • LM-61 – Human Nutrition Science
  • LM-69 – Agricultural Science and Technology
  • LM-70 – Food Science and Technology

So with the L-26 class it is You can access the following competition categories (When obtaining a master’s degree):

  • A-15 – Health Specialties
  • A-28 – Mathematics and Science
  • A – 31 – Food Science
  • A -34 Chemical sciences and technology
  • A-51 – Agricultural Science, Technology and Techniques
  • A-52 Animal production sciences, technology and techniques
  • A -60 Technology in middle school

Passed the competition, you will get qualification To teach in the following secondary schools:

  • Technical Institutes
  • professional institutes
  • High school
  • First year secondary schools

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