Binance announces a crypto card for Ukrainian refugees

Tuesday 26 April 2022 Binance It announced the Refugee Crypto Card, a new crypto card created by a cryptocurrency exchange for Ukrainian citizens. Created in collaboration with Contis Corporation, this payment card will allow an extension Ukrainian refugees To make and receive payments Cryptocurrency.

The need arises precisely for those who had to leave Ukraine due to the Russian invasion and now find themselves in some European countries. With refugee coding card You will then be able to complete your purchases at all EEA retailers that accept card payments.

This is amazing encoder card Part of the program Binance Charity, a broader aid scheme that sees several nonprofits collaborate. Among these, the company mentioned Rotary and Palianytsia. The goal is to provide cash assistance via cryptocurrency through the Regugee Crypto Card.

In this way, relatives or acquaintances of the victims of this war will be able to send Cryptocurrency To crypto cards and new Binance wallets. This will allow many to provide financial support to their loved ones.

Open an account on Binance It’s easy, fast and free. Once you get access to the platform, you can start using all the services contained in it. Buying, selling and keeping cryptocurrencies in a wallet has never been so easy and instant.

Binance launches refugee coding card for Ukrainians displaced

Binance So the first show opened Solidarity cipher card. The encrypted refugee card is the right solution for those who had to leave Ukraine because of war. Thanks to this new service, provided by the world’s leading provider of cryptocurrency and blockchain infrastructure, everyone will be able to receive and pay in cryptocurrency at retailers in the European Economic Area. Here is what Helen Hay, Chairman of the Binance Charitable Association, had to say about it:

At such a difficult time for Ukraine, cryptocurrencies are clearly beneficial as they provide a fast, cheap and secure way to transfer funds to help people with their immediate financial needs.

Those who had to leave everything behind to escape this terrible conflict now need help and support. here because of refugee coding card He will prove to be a valid ally for Ukrainian refugees in some European countries. Kirill Komyakov, general manager of Binance In Ukraine, he explained:

To date, about four million people have already left Ukraine. It is our responsibility to help people who have suffered as a result of war and forced to leave their homes. The Binance Refugee Card will allow Ukrainians to get help from Binance and other charities and, if necessary, receive cryptocurrency from any other wallet.

refugee coding card It is not only the existing customers of the exchange, but also the new ones, who will become so later. So it is a benefit Dedicated to all those who are now in a foreign country far from home due to the Russian invasion.

Opening a crypto account is quick and easy. Thanks to cryptocurrency exchange Binance You can do this completely safely. Moreover, this decision once again demonstrates how much this company cares not only for profits, but also for the well-being of its customers.

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