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Horacio Rodriguez LarettaPrime Minister of Buenos Aires, The new scheme for the Argentine capital was announced: “Buenos Aires +”.. Among the many “transformations”, there will be a digital transformation that Citizens will be allowed to pay taxes in cryptocurrency.

“Buenos Aires +”, Horacio Laretta’s new transformation plan

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Buenos Aires+, the new program that allows citizens to also pay taxes in cryptocurrency

In a summary of the tweets, Larita revealed the different transformations that you intend to implement thanks to the new plan.”Buenos Aires +“which is generally intended to provide The smartest Argentine city and the smallest in bureaucracy.

Already in the second step, Larreta has included Blockchain technology in his planeven if it is to record data, information and documents related to citizens.

“Over the course of 2022, we aim to integrate 14 documents into the platform, such as vaccination certificates, test results, birth and marriage certificates, and education-related documents such as high school diplomas. Every flow of data, documents, and information will be protected by Blockchain technology, which is the second major transformation we are about to integrate into the platform. Public administration. We will be pioneers in the use of this technology.”

practically, Larreta intends to use Blockchain specifically to protect and not mediate public administrationThey have also become pioneers in the use of technology.

“Buenos Aires +” and paying taxes in cryptocurrency

follow his speech, In ninth place, Larita talks about cryptocurrencyUnder the pretext of partnership with leading companies in Incorporate it as an alternative to paying taxes.

“We will also work on paying taxes, which is the ninth measure of our plan. Together with the leading companies, we are working to allow those who want to pay their taxes in cryptocurrency. This does not mean that the city will have cryptocurrency in its public accounts, but through an agreement with Virtual wallets, we will add another payment option to all existing options. And of course we will continue to work to reduce taxes.”

It’s just An extra payment method compared to the traditional one that you nevertheless don’t want to become a new generic crypto accountas it happens in El Salvador for example.

There is also an entire ‘Buenos Aires+’ plan to support Diego FernandezSecretary of Innovation and Digital Transformation, who tweeted, especially regarding cryptocurrencies, a few hours ago as follows:

“The future is the blockchain. People will have complete control over our information and give it access to whomever they want!

The future will be digital currencies and all individuals will be able to save and pay as they want.”

Argentina and Bitcoin to fight inflation

.’s new plan ‘Buenos Aires+’ may be a prediction of what could happen next at the national levelthat is, to include Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Not only as a payment alternative, but as its own to fight inflation.

In fact, Argentina is a country that has had serious problems of high inflation for some time, and already last July, vice Jose Luis Ramon He introduced a bill to introduce salary payments in bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

Next month too The country’s president, Alberto Fernandez, He said Who was seriously considering creating a digital country currency soonthe famous CBDC.

But as of March 2022, International Monetary Fund He was going to sign an agreement obligating the government to discourage the use of cryptocurrencies in return debt restructuring plan Nearly $45 billion.

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