Cemetery, Coletta arrived absent from the art table: Unresolved emergencies

emergency management Latin Civil Cemetery. In an effort to resolve critical issues at noon on April 21, a meeting was held between the protection associations Consumers Asso.Cons, Codacons, Codes and Federconsumatori, Latina Municipality and Soc. Ipogeo Latina srl, The company that deals with the management and maintenance of the cemetery. A representative of the administration of Coletta was missing: no advisor, recruit, or representative sat at the table.

The meeting focused on several critical issues raised by the four Assemblies regarding the management of the Latin Urban Cemetery And above all, with regard to the publication of directories It contains many names of corpses that must be uprooted In the following period, the maintenance contribution, the costs of which are required by the manager for franchisees at the outlets.

They have their say in the results obtained Danielle Mazzoli, representing ASSOCONS, attended the representation of the Codacons Massimo Cusumano, as well as Antonio Botoni was present on behalf of the Codas and Laura Ardea was present at Federconsumatori.

“Associations – reads press release – They consider the outcome of the meeting to be very unsatisfactory Because despite the importance which has been highlighted in the procedures followed, The Hypogeum announced that it is only available to postpone the extermination proceedings for two months since thenAccording to the director, the 30-year concession to use the burials in question would have expired, while the associations believe that the bodies whose names appear on both lists published so far, should be granted a period of 99 years.

This, on the basis of national legislation and the fact that all dealers, at that time
And they learned from the municipality that the concessions will last 99 years.
Equal to the unwillingness to search for a meeting point, the director has shown himself in connection with the recognition that the maintenance contribution will not be due, at least for the deceased before 2009, and the municipality itself has written in a letter subsequently challenged by the director, with the results of Negative, whether before Tar Lazio and the Council of State.

Of course, mentioning the absence of politics at the meeting is unavoidable. Indeed Neither the mayor, who attended the March 18 meeting, nor Commissioner Kashira, took part. who, on that occasion, asked for 10 days to respond to the notes but also to the proposals which, though considered insignificant, put them on the table, i.e. reopen the six-month deadlines for the publication of the lists and have a real and effective declaration to allow the citizens then to request the contract . The absence of the Commissioner has opened the doors to the most diverse assumptions, from the “political” absence to the lack of participation in the procedures followed. Fearing potential repercussions on a personal level, however, it showed that those called into their role were not, in fact, left alone with the manager managing a situation that required, instead, decisions that were not technical, but of a political nature. In view of all this, the four unions can only represent all their dissatisfaction, because while the position of the entrepreneur can be understood, the same cannot be said of those who, directly or indirectly, are called to make decisions on the basis of a popular mandate.

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