Cryptocurrencies: which ones to consider in 2022

It was 2009 when Bitcoin They appeared on the market at a value just above zero. The historical cryptocurrency was created by one or more people, still unknown today, known or known under a pseudonym.”Satoshi NakamotoIt has been speculated that the creation of this digital currency was a response to the global economic crisis of 2007-08.

Today, less than thirteen years later, Bitcoin is approaching $40 thousand, after hitting an almost all-time high. 70 thousand dollars Just a few months ago. In the wake of Bitcoin’s success, thousands of cryptocurrencies have been created in recent years, and between the amount of options available and the strong ups and downs that the market has experienced in recent months, it can be difficult to navigate the different options: let’s try to make the system.


First, let’s briefly summarize how cryptocurrencies work. These are blockchain-based digital currencies, kind of Sign Up A peer-to-peer computer containing data and information (such as transactions) that is updated in an open and shared manner and secured using encryptionWithout the need for a central controller. In short, cryptocurrencies are not regulated by governments, but only by the authority that issues them; This is one of the main reasons for experiencing very exponential and rapid growth.


More and more sectors globally are realizing and exploiting the potential of cryptocurrencies, investing in and accepting them along with traditional payment methods. World famous companies of caliber MicrosoftAnd TeslaAnd Master Card Credit CardAnd Amazon And many others, in fact, have already started incorporating digital currencies into their services. sectionLegal Online Gambling Sites Look at cryptocurrencies with increasing interest, as they are a payment method effectiveAnd Fastsubject to Commissions do not mention and respects aggregate of users.

In Italy too, of course, it is possible to buy and use cryptocurrencies, despite the fact that our country is one of the European countries that are lagging behind in this sense. One of the most popular ways to buy cryptocurrency is by creating an account on a cryptocurrency exchange (such as Queen Piece) and buy it using a credit or debit card. The cryptocurrency must then be deposited into a file Pocket walletwhich is a digital wallet used to send, receive and store virtual currencies.

Cryptocurrencies to consider in 2022

While its market value is not entirely affordable, Bitcoin It is confirmed as one of the best options for long-term investment; The same goes for EthereumThe second most popular cryptocurrency in the world. The main difference between the two is that Bitcoin has been proposed as an alternative to traditional money and as a store of value, to the point that it has earned the nickname “digital gold,” while Ethereum exists to fund the creation of smart contract (i.e. virtual “contracts” whose terms are defined in the form of computer code, which allow the exchange of funds without the need for intermediaries) and decentralized applications. It is important to remember that there is the possibility to buy even only fractions of these coins, if you cannot or want to buy a whole token.

Regarding cryptocurrencies that are cheaper, as well as less risky, USD . coin Which is called a “stable currency”, i.e. a digital currency that is tied to a fixed asset (for example, specific financial instruments or fiat currencies): in this case, the US dollar coins are pegged to the value of the US dollar. We still have it on this front groundwhich is a blockchain network that specializes in creating stablecoins, whose native token is called moon.

Another viable investment option is Cardano, a coin founded by Charles Hoskinson (also co-founder of Ethereum) whose primary goal is to combine the best features of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin into a single coin. It is also a currency Environmentally friendlybecause it puts energy savings and respect for the environment first: two very important aspects in the context of cryptocurrencies, considering Huge amount of energy Required for Bitcoin mining and transactions.

Binance coinThe official currency of exchange platform Binance, is another very popular cryptocurrency with great potential. The coin is based on the latest technology, such as Ethereum, and allows you to get discounts on services offered by Binance, pay commissions on the platform as well as access its more advanced features.

On the more dangerous side there Mimi QueenThe cryptocurrency that was born almost for fun and which, as its name suggests, is based on the most popular memes on the Internet. These are highly volatile virtual currencies, which can increase in value significantly or collapse very quickly, depending on the degree of interest aroused by the online community. Meme coins with the largest market capitalization are Shiba Inu And DogecoinThis paved the way for a large number of dog-themed Memes. When it comes to cryptocurrencies in general, and Meme Coins in particular, it’s always important to be aware of potential fraud risks.

The offer of cryptocurrencies in the market is now more comprehensive than ever, and while more established digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and stablecoins offer greater security, it is always important to make informed choices and remember that it is a matter of investments that are still not organisation.

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