Elon Musk praised Donald Trump’s social network on Twitter, but he’s wrong: Success is an artistic fact

Elon Musk tweets the ranking of the most downloaded social networks from the Apple Store. Surprisingly, the most downloaded app is Truth Social, created by Trump as an alternative to Twitter and Facebook. here because of

Truth Social is a social network created by TMTG (Trump Media and Technology Group), an American media and technology company, founded by the former President of the United States in January 2021 Donald Trump. It was launched on February 21, 2022 and is intended for users from the United States and Canada, and in just 65 days it reached the top of the rating of the most downloaded social apps from the Apple Store. He pointed out that Elon Muskwith a tweet on Twitter, which recently became his property.

Musk on Twitter praises Trump’s truth: It’s the most downloaded

So Musk winks at Donald Trump on Twitter. It is not known whether it was a personal sympathy for the former president and his digital creature or just amazement at the “strange” arrangement. Some Twitter users see this as a future challenge to Musk’s new signing and add: “It’s time to change thingsShortly before, Musk commented on the mood surrounding his new acquisition, as follows:The intense antibody reaction of those who fear freedom of speech says it allBy connecting the dots, one can think that the entrepreneur wants to elect the truth as the champion of freedom of expression And even making it his inspiration to relaunch Twitter, to say no to censorship, not even fake news to Donald Trump. In fact, it is not a mystery that Elon Musk wants to bring Donald back on Twitter one year after his expulsion: and this tweet is also moving in that direction, although the former US president has rejected the invitation so far. Moreover, Elon Musk’s mysterious message confirms his intentions: to focus on more aggressive algorithms to multiply the domino effect of messages and on complete freedom of expression, without restrictions or penalties even against blatant fake news.

Source: Twitter

Trump’s truth tops social rankings: true or false?

However, to focus on the question, it is necessary to consider: the alleged success of the fact is related to Download. It is not possible to put a rating rating by comparing the number of people who have downloaded the apps, from a certain date onwards. To give an example: Those who already own Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp or Instagram, and are already the most popular (and actually don’t appear in the order Musk posted), will never want to and never will. Repeat download For the same machine, which confirms your satisfaction. In short, it is an arrangement of what is defined, in the language of information technology, as “peaknoise cycle“This is the most favorable moment for numbers that, in general, even when they are standardized, are greatly reduced. These are the Reasonable numbers And the comparison – at the hype stage – with products that can actually boast this kind of important data is meaningless.

Moreover, we must remember that the only way to use the Trump social network is to download the application from the Apple Store, and then use it on mobile devices. On the other hand, other social networks have their own quiet life on the web. A Facebook user may not have a mobile equivalent installed on their smartphone or tablet. The same can be said for YouTube or Instagram (not WhatsApp). In short, the Downloads From a mobile store, it may lack a large percentage of users.

Meanwhile, Elon Musk – who was clearly invited to clarify his tweets – stared at the tweet as he explained: “to freedom of speechI mean, simply what complies with the law. I am against censorship that goes beyond the law. If people want less freedom of speech, they will ask the government to pass legislation for this. Therefore, transgressing the law is against the will of the people“No, the situation has not improved at all…

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