Four races to try again to the end. Italian, absolute policy

An unexpected, exaggerated and incendiary breakdown, Especially in the result. After a high quality tournament, racing and fighting, Fiorentina appears to have run out of his physical and nervous energies. Defeat with Salernitana which could have been declassified on a bad day, repeated three days later with Udinese, had a bitter taste of surrender that no one expected or expected.

Fiorentina looks like marathon runner Durando Petri at the London Olympics, With Europe in hand, likely fifth place, she found herself with blurred vision, limp legs, and thoughts evaporating: on her knees.

Shame, real shame and a crack that’s hard to explain If we think that just a week ago Fiorentina left the Coppa Italia playing better than Juventus. Perhaps the problems there started out of frustration at an undeserved elimination that deprived the group of energies, certainty and the last motive to move forward even into the final month of the tournament. To try again…

This could be the problem. This team has gone for months, beyond all of its technical limits. coagulate around the coach’s idea, By putting the game at the center of work and focus and applying coaching after training, these players have grown exponentially. Many are the same people who struggled to save themselves last year (yesterday there were seven on the field) and all season we’ve talked about a miracle, a surprisefor something exceptional.

Going even further, going over the limits during the game is what drove Fiorentina to collect 21 more points than last season, but at a certain point football gives you the bill, there is a limit even in overstepping the bounds and when physical and nervous energy is lacking, some of the most important players have fallen or gone out. due to injuryThe game fails to expose all the limitations that many face. Maybe because this team is always playing above their means, it’s hard to play every three days when you don’t have time to reset, work, start over and play constantly. And specifically with close commitments, we’ve seen the problems with football that work when you play with speed and intensity, when you roll the ball, press, move a lot to suggest solutions. Fatigue situations, not to mention when you are at the end of the season after playing forty games. With Udinese there was no grudge in front of goal and that’s also part of the bad moment. Being bad and grumpy allows you to finish before your opponents, but your athletic state and focus are clearly lacking to motivate you.

So the two games that were supposed to yield six points on the paper have brought zero This is perhaps the biggest regret. The collapse came in rivalries within Fiorentina’s reach and was further highlighted by the ferocity of Salernitana (a ferocity that Viola no longer enjoys) and the extraordinary physical and athletic state of the game.Udinese who took first in all balls and always doubled.

This is a snapshot of a difficult time, of a marked decline in performance and results. There is no point in denying deducible errors On the business frontier. from everyone. But beware: This is not the time to quit smoking or do unnecessary operations And not excited. I repeat and emphasize it. Even in the moment of extreme disappointment, this remains an exceptional season that could have turned out to be great and there is still some possibility that it will turn out to be.

Ranking does not owe you and if it Purple calendar is difficultAll competitors to Europe, from Rome In the LazioPasses throughAtalanta Who risked losing yesterday against Torino, they have sporadic problems. All teams are, among other things, more approved by Fiorentina on the eve of the tournament. Thus, playing this season in four games becomes Russian roulette, but Fiorentina should never give up.

If Viola is the team seen in the last two matches, of course, the hopes are slim, but I’m convinced that in this odd and volatile tournament (Inter lost in Bologna last night) anything can happen, Perhaps in an exciting and adrenaline-pumping match like Sunday’s game at San Siro against Milan, rate and The game that made Viola team a season revelation.

If this team gets to where it is, if it puts all the top players in crisis and in the ranking has fifty-six points, then it means that there is a strong group behind it and With the reason that he has already shown that he is able to overcome difficulties. It’s time to transcend the game, to bring out all the character, pride, and even self-love when wanting to try and win this award called Europe that this team deserves to the end. They once said, scrape the barrel.

Milan will also have several days off on their legs, But they are playing for the championshipThe pressure is enormous and the regular Fiorentina (not last night) can still find themselves saying that. He won the first leg and that’s important. It is hope, of course. These days, the club will also have to step onto the field to feel close, Pay, and anyway appreciation at the most delicate moments of the season. The controversy of the past few weeks and the many rhetoric off the field may have been disturbed, but that is also part of that negative part of football that has to be managed. On the other hand, I really liked the attitude of the audience and had no doubts. The purple people presented themselves in great numbers, He understands that the team is going through a tough time and needs a boost. There was, but that wasn’t enough.

However, the fans were warm and close to the end, even when The result is marked. The message is powerful because true fans cannot fail to recognize the great merits of the Italians and this group that followed him by offering spectacle, emotions and points beyond even the rosiest of expectations. Despite the sale of Vlahovic and the Winter Revolution in the offensive. While the usual suspects would like to throw everything overboard, including the enviable coach of Fiorentina, Those who love Viola on their heads know that this season has nonetheless laid serious foundations to build a future worthy of Viola’s history. Fiorentina have not fought for Europe in six years since 2016 and the goal is still possible. Not seen in six years Such great football and there was no positive sign for purple football lab.

From those rules we must start over after a careful analysis of the good and those that need to be improved, starting with the technical level of the team because if the level of goals goes up, the technical level of the players must also be raised. natural. Now back to the Italiano programme. We’ve seen fake days about which release clause really should be called a security clause. Even if we assume that no one pays ten million for a young coach.

We have heard and read phrases about the Italian from many who until a few days called him the new Guardiola, and now they think it is a hoax. Because many claim to be Fiorentina fans I think it is only a way to poison purple wells, but in any case, everyone is responsible for what they say or write. The Italians are not going to Naples, I feel like saying this. The Italians will stay at Fiorentina, as I would say this if the club and coach agree to the development programmesOr from a newly born football project, of great interest and perspective. But I don’t have opposite feelings.

As for the Italian, I respect him a lot but I didn’t think it was Guardiola. The first to know him is the one who trained in the Italian league for only two years. He is a modern coach, he has clear ideas, I have said several times that he reminds me of Saki and Conte for the ways and intensity of work, for the positive obsession. He also knows very well that he must grow up, he has made mistakes and will make them (normal)Criticizing some options is normal, but whoever ruins a season like this because Fiorentina lost to Salerno and Udinese, means to think crazy and not head. Do not criticize to adopt, but to destroy. So enough…

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