Future surveyors have access to the design of the Bramante Genga Technical Institute

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27/04/2022 – The Bramante Genga Technical Institute in Pesaro has for years been paying special attention to the problem of accessibility in buildings and urban spaces. This is no small problem considering that around 87 million people, roughly one in six, in the EU live with some form of disability (source: EU-SILC 2018). The trends also illustrate the potential increase in this number with expected population aging in the coming years.

Although Italy in Article 3 of the Constitution recognizes among the fundamental principles that “all citizens are equal in social dignity” and that it is the duty of the Republic to remove obstacles to their full development, the inconveniences that persons with disabilities are forced to face and among these the persistence of barriers, Not only physical but often also cultural.

As part of initiatives aimed at promoting a new culture of urban spaces, the Bramante Genga Institute has participated for three years in the “Accessibility for the Design of Future Surveyors” competition, always achieving recognition for excellence.

An exceptional team has been activated for the current school year: close cooperation between the province and municipality of Pesaro, with the participation of Presidents Giuseppe Paolini and Marco Perugini, and Bramante Jinja for the redevelopment of the war memorial in Baia Flaminia and, at the same time, the discovery and planning of more accurate access to the beaches in the area, both Free or under concession, also in view of the possible future expansion of the offers to all city beaches.

This initiative is part of the PEBA, the Plan to Eliminate Architectural Barriers, to which our municipality is currently devoting itself with special interest: the students of Class IV G, led by Professor Luca Bondi, have prepared some analyzes aimed at discovering the criticality of the territory with regard to accessibility. Furthermore, they worked on relief work to redevelop the war memorial site in Baia Flaminia and on a real project to improve the accessibility of the entire area. 4H also participated in relief operations and other chapters are working in different capacities on the topic of redevelopment of the monument area (green, etc…).

The participation of the class in the public states of accessibility was significant, as organized on Saturday 09 April by the municipality of Pesaro: Polytechnic University of Marche, disability guarantor Maruska Palazzi, technical high school with a project on autism and, in fact, the Bramante Genga Institute that presented the described work above. The students were also able to have an extraordinary experience also on Wednesday 13th April when they met, in Baia Flaminia, Matilde della Fornas, Head of Department Anpi Pesaro and Rosalia Cipolletta, President of Legambiente Pesaro, and they walked together in the redevelopment intervention area with some users of CSER Mosaico for ASUR AV 1, together with teachers at the Labirinto Cooperative. The goal was to check easy access to the area involved in the project. There were many points of observation and reflection that the children were able to gain through this direct and engaging experience, which allowed them to take a different and more conscious look at the area being investigated.

The project will participate again this year in the above mentioned competition and we are sure that it will once again get due recognition.

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