GamerGains on Solana is ready to go

From innovation in space coding games, a lot is still up. It’s often a good start in terms of funding.

gains Actually $5.8 million for her platform play to win Which is connected with the world Classic video gamesin a formula that, if successful, could change this sector forever.

For GamerGains on Solana, Rain from Funding

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Nearly $6 million for GamerGains on Solana

gains It is a decidedly innovative system, designed to bring the world classic games within the system play to win. An innovative system – which we will analyze in more detail below.

Let’s start with what happened financially: this platform has already received $5.8 million From financing, the first round saw many participants adventurer Known in the sector, a sign of the potential quality of the project. In fact, they participated project rhythm Besides the popular exchange FTXHe’s always very involved in the things that matter to them our questionbesides also BlockFiAnd Tiger Global And also Light Bankwhich also includes the famous cufflink box Winklevoss.

Important funding for a project that is still, if we want, in its embryonic state, given that one can still access Waiting list.

What does GamersGains offer?

What is offered is a system that allows you to connect your PC or console to the system, to get rewards simply by playing. In addition, there is the possibility to participate in events esports which will be managed directly by the platform.

All with the ability to add a component DeFi: project code, gamescan actually get rewards.

What titles are already supported?

For more advanced project integrations, we will have:

Which will allow you to get it Code By achieving certain goals in our favorite games. The “List” of obtainable awards has not yet been released.

It will also be possible to participate in asynchronous competitions always through the platform gains.

can be obtained from maskthrough a process similar to that of many coding projects of last generation.

There will also be the possibility to get, depending on the hours of gameplay that we will spend on the platform, Airdrop from Code. Tokens that will have a market value and that will be indirectly linked to the popularity that the platform will be able to gain.

In general, at least in our opinion, a project to follow, also given the success of social gaming platforms such as for example Twitch. A good shot scored by .’s ecosystem Solanawhich continues to expand and gain positions in relation to the most direct competitors.

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