IV Edition FIRE SAFETY ACADEMY, the latest technical and regulatory news and discussions in the fire protection sector

Industry-leading experts will intervene during the event to increase market attention to the importance of fire hazards and solutions to protect and protect people, property and the environment. The date is set for May 3 at the Feltrinelli Foundation in Milan.

Inside the event program and registration instructions.

Fire Prevention: Appointment with the 4th Edition of the Fire Safety Academy

Only a few days left to go Fourth edition of the Fire Safety Academyorganized and promoted by the Engineers Guild of the Province of Milan Hilti Italy: Tuesday 3 May, From 2 pm to 6 pm, in an evocative place Feltrinelli Foundation in Milan This event will be held, which has now become a regular and important date among professionals.

Over the past four years, fire safety academy It is in fact the national event dedicated to fire retardant, Which brings together key market experts and aims to create a high-level network, to provide training and raise awareness of all players of fire risk.

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This year a custom shape was studied that includes Not just being on stage From the industry’s leading experts, but also a first-class audience and potential Follow the event online too.

The event will open with Two important contributions at the European and Italian levelthanks for sharing safe europe fire, who will talk about the need for the EU’s fire safety strategy, and for the leadership of the national fire brigade, the highest point of reference in Italy in terms of fire regulations.

Technical contributions

Then the technical interventions will follow, the heart of the day:Eng. David Lorachy and M. Antonio Corbo He will talk about the revolution of the small law and its impact on civil construction, theEngineer Samuel Sassi It will take up the topic of fire safety engineering along with facade design, while in conclusion theEngineer Luciano Negro You will deepen issues related to running a fire protection business.

round tables

To complete the program of this edition, the two round tables On the construction market, which will be attended by representatives of the following companies: Lendlease Italy, Metropolitana Milanese, Hera Group, Zaha Hadid Architects, UNICMI and GAe Engineering.

With the first round table, you will open the discussion by talking about it Real estatelistening to the voice of those who manage real estate assets and are primarily concerned with their safety and sustainability over time, to understand the methods of operation and analyze the major challenges that have been faced in recent times.

Guest pick at this round table too The world of facilities management It will also make it possible to emphasize the centrality of management and maintenance issues of activities even after their implementation.

In the second round table, he will leave space first and foremost to a world Architectural Designto understand how this can be effectively combined with fire safety.

We will also comment on the market reaction after we post The new vertical technical rule on zone closure Finally, we will talk about Ordinary safety management in the workplace and aspects that can be implemented or improved in the operational and design phases.

event sponsored by FireSafe Europe, Steel Promotion Foundation, College of Engineers and Architects of Milan, UNICMI, Firepro Association.

Hilti Italythe market leader in passive fire protection solutions, actively supports and enhances the organization of FIRE SAFETY SAFETY ACADEMY with the aim of increasing market awareness of fire hazards, offering high quality training opportunity and encouraging discussion among sector operators, to bring national regulations to an ever higher level and in line with With innovations already underway in Europe and the rest of the world.

May 3 Academy is The first three training sessions that Hilti Promote nationally during this year by engaging the best professionals in the field, firmly believing that in order to build a better future, made up of results and opportunities, it is necessary to devote time to training, following Think Smart, build a safe.


The conference is valid for a cause 3 units of vocational training Only for those registered with the Milan Engineers Syndicate.

Fire Safety Academy: The Advantage of Being There.

Discover the agenda and take part in the event

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