Nike Cryptokicks, NFT sneakers in collaboration with RTFKT

Have you ever fantasized about walking in metaverses? If the answer is yes, then know that you can do it now. And not barefoot. In fact, these days nike And RTKT She revealed on Twitter and Discord her first collection of co-branded digital sneakers. The Nike CryptoKixWhich is nothing more than a hypothetical reinterpretation of Nike Dunk sneakers. Bunch of 20,000 NFTs Bought by Price Enthusiasts Between 7,500 and 9,000 dollars.

Nike Cryptokicks, the metaverse’s first sneaker

Nike Cryptokicks, the first digital sneaker built for the metaverse, is finally available. At the time of launch, NFT shoes were made available to users who own Get it from RTFKT, the mysterious digital NFT fund that was given to anyone who owned Clone-X a few weeks ago. For those who aren’t aware of it, Clone-X is a PFP project created by RTFKT with artist Takashi Murakami. Now, therefore, the lucky ones who got the box can buy the digital sneakers from Nike and RFTKT. but, this is not every thing.

As if launching a range of shoes designed for Metaverse wasn’t enough, RFTKT also adds the possibility to choose between Eight different “skins” To customize sports shoes. And this is only the beginning. In fact, the brand also plans to open up the space for partners and creators to create new add-ons. At the moment, one of the available skins is made by Takashi Murakami. This is enough to ensure the success of the Nike Cryptokicks group, which has already won both sneakers and metaverse fans. In fact, to make sports shoes more exclusive, Nike has created a shoe Snapchat filter which allows users to wear shoes in virtual reality.

Nike to beat the Metaverse

The trend of digital fashion has been warmly welcomed by the sneaker community and eagerly watching it The competition between Nike and Adidas For the conquest of metaverses. Once Nike acquired RFTKT, the virtual shoe designer, adidas introduced the NFT . collection “Into the Metaverse”Created in collaboration with influencer Gmoney and Bored Ape Yachting Club. Like what RFTKT has set out, Adidas has also built its communication strategy on the promise of future benefits, including access to exclusive products and events, both digital and physical. Precisely for this reason, the brand has started buying digital real estate on The Sandbox. And Nike built the “special” metaverse, Nickland.

Nike CryptoKix

The two big brands in the sports sector fought a battle trying to gain as many users as possible with their projects. The launch of Nike Cryptokicks is a great example of this, although NFT sneakers may be the first of many digital Nike products. As far as we know, the company deposited bin Seven trademark applications related to the metaverse, indicating the intent to produce and sell virtual sneakers and apparel. In short, the future of Nike is in virtual reality. In fact, a company spokesperson said:Nike is focusing on potential ways to use blockchain technology to serve consumers in the footwear, apparel and sports equipment industries. Mnlth is just the beginning of a future serving athletes in this space“.

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