Renewable energy, nearly 400 projects halted in Puglia

“In Puglia there are 396 ‘renewable energy plants’ projects that are still waiting to be able to reach their target due to excessive bureaucracy. Short and definite times are the only way to give Italy the possibility of independence from Russian gas and give a greener future to new generations.”

This was announced by Carlo Martino, President of Confapi Puglia, the Italian Confederation of Small and Medium-sized Private Industries, calling for “to make Puglia the leader in Italy in terms of renewable energy”. For Confapi, it’s time that “the opening of the wind farm in Taranto and the green light of the area to accelerate the grounding of plants to produce green energy.”

“We have shared the best experiences – confirms Martino – and in the region there are strong and healthy companies already operating successfully in the energy sector. We target offshore wind and green hydrogen. The first has little environmental impact and high production capacity, and the second is the best storage system for the energy produced and soon can be used as a fuel also for transportation.” “We ask the government – he concludes – to remove the bureaucracy, nothing else. We can do all the rest ourselves and quickly.”

Legambiente Puglia also intervened on this topic: “Legambiente also requests the strengthening of the Energy, Solidarity and Agro-energy communities so that potential renewable energy projects are still on hold and awaiting final permission to ensure the realization of new wind farms and agro-photovoltaic plants that allow the integration of agricultural production with electricity on public and private roofs ” .

The region also addressed the government yesterday. After about three hours of discussion and battle in the classroom, in fact, the Bolian Regional Council unanimously approved the renewable energy proposal, which was first signed by the president of the Bolian Society, Loredana Capone.

With the approved text, the Regional Council commits to “adopt the guidelines based on partnership in the field of renewable energy and undertake subsequent initiatives towards the national government, in order to seek the full participation of Puglia in the options that resonate as soon as possible on its territory”.

Furthermore, “We request that every appropriate initiative be operationalized with the Government as well as with the Permanent Conference on Relations between State, Territories and Autonomous Provinces, so that local regional bodies are involved in devising strategies and in ensuring that criteria are defined for the allocation of plants that have the greatest impact on the environment and landscape, before making any decision or decision in this regard.

Finally, the text of the proposal requests that the process of identifying the Energy and Environment Plan (Pear) and all strategic reference planning for renewable energy issues be expedited. With the agenda presented by the leader of the Democratic Party, Filippo Caracciolo, the vote on the “no” proposal for the offshore wind farm project between Otranto, Santa Cesarea and Castro in Salento was not followed up. by the leader of the “La Puglia Tomorrow” group, Paolo Bagliaro, because he was considered engrossed in the proposal previously approved by the Regional Council.

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