UniMol at the 2nd Olympiad in Forestry with Master’s degree students in Forestry and Environmental Science and Technology

UniMol at the 2nd Olympiad in Forestry with Master’s degree students in Forestry Science and Technology and the Environment.

More than 100 participating students from 12 Italian universities represented: Molise, Turin, Padua, Florence, Politecnica delle Marche, Tussia, Sassari, Naples, Bari, Basilicata, Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria and Palermo. Truly purposeful teaching, training, encounter and field experience, an important opportunity in the context of a prestigious environmental landscape.

Students of the Master’s degree course in Forestry and Environmental Science and Technology at the University of Molise, in fact, accompanied by teachers Vittorio Garvi (Organizer and Coordinator), Marco Marchetti, Roberto Tognetti and Giovanni Santopoli, received training in educational experience, from 11-16 October, in the context of the Tuscan-Romagnolo Abbenini .

As in the past, the study trip also took place at the end of the course this year which allowed, among other things, the participation of UniMol students in the second edition of the Forest Olympiad organized by Compagnia delle Foreste and DREAM, as part of the LIFE GoProFor project, held in Camaldoli ( AR) on October 14 and 15. The Olympic Games were an opportunity for discussion and exchange of ideas and opinions. The choice to select the teams was special: the students were actually divided into different mixed teams with students from other universities, competing in the “competition forests” in four tests: The) recognition and quantification of divergent microorganisms, B) The application of the potential biodiversity index (IBP), Third) Wood quality rating E Fourthly) A low-impact forestry intervention on delicate wooded habitats.

UniMol students, as in the first edition of the Olympiad, showed excellent preparation and great interpersonal skills.

During their stay, the UniMol delegation, students and teachers were hosted at Romagna Acque Guesthouse in Santa Sofia (FC). Led by doctors Gabriel Locatelli, Gianluca Raffaoli, Andrea Guerelli and Dr. Ivana Fantoni, they visited the National Park of the Forests of Casentense, Monte Valterona and Campinha. In particular, students were able to discover the beauty of the Integrated Nature Reserve of Sasso Frattino (UNESCO World Heritage), the historic and majestic fir trees, the Botanical Garden of Valbonella, the Redracoli Dam, and the wonderful pastures of Sasso Frattino in the Alps. . Moreover, they had the opportunity to learn about the activities of the Oltreterra Center and the AlberItalia Foundation, both located in Santa Sofia (FC).

By immersing themselves in a regional context different from that of Molise, the UniMol student delegation was able to appreciate the multifunctional nature of the forest and the ecosystem services it provides as well as gain greater awareness on the protection of biodiversity through the analysis of measures aimed at preserving animal and plant species. It is precisely in this sense that study trips, with different activities planned each year, are an essential element, in the perspective of new students for the future, but even more so for current students on the degree course in Forestry and Environmental Science and Technology.

These are initiatives that enhance and allow you to broaden your horizons, broaden and enrich knowledge related to the Italian forestry sector, and allow you to apply what you have learned in university classrooms, thus promoting cultural and professional growth.

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