WEF and New York vs Bitcoin | Mining is under attack, even if…

Still an attack against Bitcoin miningcoming from both at the same time World Economic Forumeither from New York State. The first, a supranational body for opinion and judgment, appears to have married a Code change campaign fired by green areaWhile the second group decided to impose a ban on its territory with regard to mining operations in practice.

The situation that he still provokes in the markets and among fans, due to the lack of interest in him, is almost comical. However it is worth processing, even going and re-establishing fact Regarding one of the running cores Bitcoin.

Bitcoin and mining under indictment

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Double attack on bitcoin mining: WEF and New York take sides

that World Economic Forum He didn’t have much sympathy for Bitcoin It shouldn’t be a mystery to any of our readers. The body of opinion and pressure, if we want to call it that, has already contributed to its generation in the past Food A little bit about how this wonderful experiment works.

However, we never expected to see him in the first row support the same goals and arguments as him green areawith her campaign Change the blog, not the climatewhich we already talked about at one of our live broadcasts, among other things.

campaign green area It doesn’t look like this has had that much success and will continue to haunt us for much longer, especially if WEF.

stop mining in new york

Something that has been aired now for a long time that is setting a niche New York In a somewhat unique position within United State. This is the country where many are listed on the stock exchange Miner. This is the country that opened the doors to ASIC machines fleeing the Chinese ban, and this is the country where mining generates more jobs and profits.

Many other states are vying to attract more miners – while also using energy 100% clean For new projects – when New York He decides not to participate, figuratively trying to take the ball home.

However, perhaps for the first time in human history, the ball is not available to the authorities Policiesbut of all those who work hard to make a spin knot Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Doesn’t Care: This is the Significant Signal

Despite markets that are on the edge of their nerves – and for issues no matter what they do Bitcoin With the crypto market – BTC dollars continues his way, as if WEF And New York Didn’t actually do anything.

This is at least in our opinion Translation More interesting than the events of this specific historical moment. Nobody seems to care what the authorities are saying, just a few months ago, there could have been major disruptions in the markets.

Bitcoin has shoulders broad enough to withstand even these beneficial attacks. Even when they turn into legal organizations.

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