Akqa is a partner in the Decentral Art Pavilion on the occasion of the NFT Art Fair

Akqa designed and developed outreach activities to support the event, which began on April 23 in Venice and will run until June 20 in conjunction with the Biennale.

Akqa is collaborating with Decentral Art Pavilion for the exhibition which, in parallel with the Venice Art Biennale, opens to the public on April 23, 2022, at the venue Palazzo Giustinian Lolin.

This is the The first dedicated showcase of globally acclaimed NFT artwork, shedding light on the incredible culture around the NFT community, while promoting artistic experiences that define the social significance of digitalization for future generations.

Curated and curated by Florencia founders SM Brück, Javier Krasuk, Diego Lijtmaer and Simone Furian, with installation design by David Rodríguez Gimeno, and with the Photography Department curated by Arianna Grava, the exhibition titled Singularity will feature works by artists Koldy, Aaron Penny, Justin Arsano, Excopi , Raphael Lacoste, Trevor Jones, Michael Yamashita, Anibal Sikonolfi, Philippe Costek, Matt de Laurier, along with over 200 NFT artworks created by over 80 leading international artists in the NFT world.

Acre, which has always been oriented towards experimenting with solutions that integrate art and science in the design of products and services, chooses to be the technical partner of the Decentralized Art Pavilion that promotes the experience of total immersion in decentralized art and aims to educate, to engage and impress the enthusiast, the collector and the general public.

“The Decentral Art Pavilion is an international event focused on artists, companies, and individuals using non-fungible tokens for the early adoption of blockchain in the art world,” says Florencia SM Bruck. “We are witnessing an unprecedented artistic development in which contemporary art is expanding in the blink of an eye. This expansion requires a dialogue with traditional mechanisms so that all digital or analog technical variables can coexist in a future where blockchain will be a part of our daily lives” adds Javier Krasuk.

Akqa, as a partner, has taken care of event communication, design and implementation of digital devices, digital content and interactions.

“there Partnership with Decentral Art Pavilion allows us to confirm Akqa’s participation with an area in A large yeast that crosses artistic expression and technology, deconstructing ecclesiastical models for the production, use and distribution of art – comments Antonella Sanella, Marketing Director of Akqa Italia -. It is a collaboration that was intended to effectively support this unprecedented and extraordinary experience that has led us to work alongside founders Florencia SM Bruck and Javier Krasuk who are with them, right away. A beautiful synergy has been created.”

The collection provides visitors with the opportunity to take an exciting journey through A short and condensed history of NFT art, collecting the first evidence of it A new form of cultural and artistic expression with an impressive collection consisting of the works of the most famous international artists.

The Decentral Art Pavilion, until June 20, when it closes, will host 8 weekends of NFT-themed activities that will invite audiences to think more about digital ownership and the future of art.

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