Bitcoin, the Fed is preparing a jab. Downside Predictions

The Bitcoin (BTC) They continue to swing around a market value of around $40,000 per unit with difficulties rising also due to the nature of the macro economy.

Indeed, cryptocurrencies are finding an obstacle in the position of central banks that plan to increase interest rates in a more or less uniform way.

New Zealand central bank, reserve bankhas already raised the interest rate for the fourth time, most recently raising the limit by 50 basis points, Where we remember that the basis point corresponds to 0.01%. The same 0.5% increase is expected to be implemented next month by the US Federal Reserve, and it also appears that an increase is also expected for Canada.

Bloomberg Instead, it estimates that Europe will raise interest rates four times over the course of the year.

Increasing interest rates on bonds always has an effect drying up markets This is the technical analysis of the price Bitcoin He sees digital currency in particular weak in this context.

According to some analysts, the difficult global financial situation of cryptocurrencies may even amount to effects fourth half expected to 2024, Which by text should drive the value of Bitcoins towards a new historical price record.

Obviously, as it always happens in the case of cryptocurrencies, there is no shortage of them Bitcoin bulls Which provides different price analysis and see start soon uptrend that will prepare for the half-year of 2024.

Bitcoin price analysis, between the Fed rate hike and the incoming halving

Currently private mode total economy This wraps me bitcoin, especially with feed it Which is expected to raise interest rates on bonds next month, analysts’ opinions on the future price of the digital currency are divided.

The most pessimistic comes to confirm that The effects of the halving for 2024 will be zero, That is, it will not lead to a new high for money at all.

Half is the phenomenon that divides the reward of the gods in half Miners , That is, the number of new tokens extracted, increases the value of bitcoins per unit. This phenomenon occurs every 210,000 pcs added For the network, that is, on average every four years, the 2024 network will be the fourth half in chronological order.

If we analyze historical data, in the previous two years half There was always a spike in recovery, and then, in the year following the halving, saw a rapid flight to the top and a new price record for Bitcoin. after that Bitcoin Cycle He wants there to be another year of decline in the currency price before the two-year recovery period that precedes the start of the new halving.

At the moment, however, bitcoins, which should already be in range recovery phaseOn the other hand, they seem to have halted this rally due to the macroeconomic situation that surrounds them.

Quindisk He asked for the opinion of analyst Katie Talati, who works at Ark, who argues that there is unfortunately not much to expect from the 2024 halving, especially when compared to the predecessors.

The new face of mining blunts the effects of the Bitcoin halving

According to analysts to reduce the beneficial consequences of halving on Bitcoin price It also plays the evolution that the mining system has gone through.

But this is me at the moment Miners They are organized into companies Mining Some are even listed on the stock exchange and have access to a full range of loans.

Simply put, miners, who are rewarded for validating their transactions with newly mined tokens, no longer need to sell their coins. Bitcoin To restore liquidity and this leads to a decrease in trading volumes when compared to the two years preceding the halving of trading value 2020. In practice, miners’ cash flows have become irrelevant.

Bitcoin Bulls On Attack: Bitcoin Price Bullish Analysis

Let’s move to the other side of the coin, because if those who look closely at the world of cryptocurrency believe in it BTC She is at the beginning down trend Which the halves will not be able to save, on the contrary, Bitcoin bulls release their binaries Bullish expectations.

To mention for example Michael Saylor CEO & Founder micro . strategythe company that is also the world’s first BTC owner, who insists on how other factors can play in favor of the coin’s appreciation.

Why, if it is true that a file US Central Bank (Fed) Planning to raise interest rates on bonds, on the other hand, the US authorities always consider one possibility Cryptocurrency regulation And the possibility of introducing a digital dollar.

According to Saylor, the organization of Crypto assets It will have microscopic consequences for the value of bitcoins. An opinion shared by many crypto proponents and also by other significant investors such as Michael NovogratzCEO of Galaxy Investment Partners.

This is because at the moment institutional investors They are too slow to take on crypto assets, and still consider them to be very risky due to regulatory loopholes. Regulating cryptocurrencies instead will lead to a massive influx of institutional capital that will have massive consequences for the value of bitcoins, making the currency, Saylor says, worth up to 1 million dollars per unit.

On the same upward trajectory BitBoy encryption In his new YouTube video, he shows his prediction for a price BTC, And also provide us with a clear explanation of what is half:

Some hints about halving and how it affects the price of Bitcoin

As is evident from what has been said so far, to influence the Bitcoin value Its price per unit is therefore multiple factors as the digital currency must be included in a file Macroeconomic context.

For starters, however, many investors and backers view Bitcoin as a A new store for future value Hence it is called digital gold.

This comparison of gold and bitcoin is based on a number of factors first and foremost the fact that BTCs are designed to mine only a maximum of 21 million tokens.

To create this mechanism that leads to a specific and finite number of units, Bitcoins were expected among other things half. That is, assuming that “created” I New bitcoins They are “miners”, that is, people who through computers and power-intensive processes validate transactions and add blocks to the network, who are rewarded for this work with new computers BTC excerpts.

all 210,000 pieces However, the number of bitcoins obtained through mining has halved, or miners are now receiving them as a reward. 6.25 Bitcoin For each block they will have in 2024, after halving, halve exactly: 3.125 Bitcoin.

As a result of this reduction in miners’ salaries, there price increase of the value of bitcoins per unit which aims to balance everything.

However, analysts as we have noted do not all agree on real effect Which will have the next halving on the price of the digital currency, according to some in fact this will not have a strong impact due to the reasons of the macroeconomic nature not preparing for the rally that should precede the halving, because this leads to Bitcoin to an all-new high.

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