Bitcoin will explode in 2022

The hypothesis that during 2022 a lot will be circulating on the Internet Bitcoin price will explode. As it turns out, $69,000 for November may not be the highest point in this cycle.

A lot is talking about it, especially on Twitter, including some analysts.

It’s just a hypothesis, but it’s based on a consideration that at least seems logical.

Bitcoin price and halving

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The effect of halving on Bitcoin price cycles

Bitcoin price It undergoes four-year cycles after the halvings.

Given that in May 2020 there was the last or third halving ever, The current cycle is the fourth cycle of Bitcoin.

After the previous two halves, 2012 and 2016, a large speculative bubble always occurred at the end of the following year. During the current session, however, no.

Analyzing the BTC price trajectory after May 2020, it turns out that at the end of 2020, Bullrun only ran for five and a half months, until mid-April 2021. In fact, the peak was reached on April 14 at a high of $64,000.

The price then fell below $30K in July, then rebounded to $69K in November. This second schedule for 2021, which only lasted four months, was limited to The price is back above its April highs.

In other words, there was no speculative bubble at the end of the year, as happened in both 2013 and 2017.

Suffice it to say that in 2013 there was a long speculative game that culminated in a massive speculative bubble that took the price above $1,100, starting at $13 at the beginning of the year, while in 2017 it started with BTC below $1,000 to rebound to $20,000.

Last year, the price was limited to a rally from $11,000 in October 2020 to $64,000 in April 2021, without a real big speculative bubble. Indeed, After the decline, the price rose to approximately the same levels at the end of the year.

According to some analysts, the lack of a large speculative bubble in late 2021 may indicate that the $69,000 reached in November may not actually be the peak of the current cycle.

Bitcoin Price Predictions

to me PlanB . Inventory to Flow Model During the current session Bitcoin price is still rising to $100,000.

In light of this, there are those who believe that in 2022 the price of Bitcoin may return to growth at some point, so perhaps that is Get the ill-fated $100,000. If so, it would be +150% compared to the current values.

To tell the truth, the current cycle will end around April 2024, with the fourth halving, so it is by no means certain that 2022 will be the year of hitting $100,000.

Moreover, it must be emphasized that this is only Hypotheses are devoid of any kind of certainty. Moreover, the global macroeconomic situation will have a major impact on the financial markets in 2022, and this obviously has a negative impact on the bitcoin price.

However, the current financial market crisis will not necessarily persist, so if the macroeconomic scenario changes throughout the year, Bitcoin price Can return free of charge to board.

It is very difficult to quantify the number of real possibilities of such a scenario, also because so far there are still many variables that prevent us from understanding how the economic / financial situation will develop at the global level. In a scenario of such uncertainty It is impossible to have a clear idea of ​​what will happen.

On the other hand, it is not advisable to ignore an a priori hypothesis like that of $100,000 during 2022, because if the situation improves globally, Access to this number may still exist.

fact that Whales continue to accumulate BTC He suggests that if nothing else, they believe that the hypothesis of Bitcoin increasing in value during the year is feasible.

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