Energy Decree. News about: Building Bonuses, PV Systems and Energy Saving

The Energy Ordinance DL 17/2022 (also called Ordinance of Law) It’s a law, and publishing it in the newspaper is imminent.

contains judgment Urgent measures to contain the costs of electricity and natural gas, in order to develop renewable energies and re-launch industrial policies It contains within it a series of innovations of interest:

  • Balance transfer for construction bonuses,
  • Simplification of licensing procedures for renewable plants
  • Pressure on heating and air conditioning systems for public buildings and public lighting.

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Let’s see in detail the most important news related to construction bonuses, photovoltaics and heating and air conditioning systems for public buildings and municipal lighting.

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The Gazeta Energy Decree: I agree to the fourth free transport, but with conditions

Regulating the assignment of credit has changed several times From the time it was introduced in favor of construction bonuses until today, it assumes the scheme:

1 Free + 2 Linked To Eligible Parties + 1 Free To Eligible Parties But Only For Account Holders

Basically, the first sale is allowed by suppliers and customers to anyone, while the second and third sale can only be made to banks and other intermediaries supervised by the Bank of Italy.

there The fourth sale represents a novelty Submitted by Energy Decree This can only be done by banks and exclusively towards their account holders, meaning that banks with a depleted credit cap can only sell the extra credits to account holders > we talked about it better here

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Simplify licensing procedures for photovoltaic systems

During the conversion, many amendments added to the original text of the decree were approved by introducing new measures, such as combating energy poverty and Simplify licensing procedures for photovoltaic systems It is a renewable resource.

About Simplifying Licensing Procedures for PV and Renewable Energy Systems No permission will be required For the installation of photovoltaic and thermal cells, except for buildings that are considered cultural heritage. So the installation of solar, thermal or photovoltaic panels in buildings will be freed up.

We explored the subject by analyzing the articles of the decree that introduced the grandmother> here we see in detail what they expect

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Shutdown on heating and air conditioning systems for buildings and public lighting

It also enters into the energy decree Heating and air conditioning in public officesthat are subject to pressure (the weighted average air temperature should not exceed 19 degrees in winter and 27 degrees in summer),Efficiency of public lighting systems.

From May 1 to March 31, 2023And “The weighted average air temperatures measured in the individual rooms of each housing unit for the winter and summer air conditioning of public buildings shall not exceed 19 degrees (+2 tolerance) respectively and shall not be less than 27 degrees (-2 tolerance).”

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They don’t fit the pressureHospitals, clinics, nursing homes, hospitalizations, care facilities for minors or the elderly, and those designated for the assistance and recovery of drug addicts, and other matters entrusted to public social services.

Another goal is to cut municipal bills through measures that ensure better energy efficiency Public lighting systems. A procedure that provides for the installation of sensors and the upgrade or replacement of existing systems or devices to apply more advanced technologies.

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