GRAFFITI launched its first range of NFTs to help the environment.

is called Plural It is the NFT project that the agency is working with It will finance the planting of 15,000 trees

For some time now, GRAFFITI has been studying the opportunities associated with Web3 and in particular the blockchain.

Today the agency launched its first NFT project: Thanks to the stimulus and evolutionary clusters of NFT images, Target It is to create a society capable of contributing to the protection of the environment.

In fact, the project roadmap envisions a series of concrete initiatives to support the ecosystem. The first is about himself Plant 15,000 trees through money raised from the sale of NFTs.

The story associated with the project: Earth is in danger

It is the story of some beans planted in a medieval monastery. On the night of August 14, 1393, after a swarm of small meteors struck the monastery garden, the beans – You come into contact with foreign matter – it begins to evolve Abnormal. Intrigued, the monks decided to study it, and jealously guarded it for centuries.

Centuries pass: Meanwhile, Climate change and persistent and violent storms are forcing people to leave the earth and resort to other more hospitable planets.

The year 2696. The climate on Earth begins to slowly find equilibrium, and An evolved life form ready to take over the planet and protect it as it deserves: It’s our beans. The Bean Nation was born.

Two strong points: genetic algorithm and real-world project evolution

The NFT project also stands out in the development of a file Genetic and genetic algorithm evolved That produces new NFT images with characteristics of NFT parents. Therefore it is possible to mint new NFT pills only if you have pills from previous groups from which you have inherited some rare pictorial properties. Hence the name ComBEANation.

In addition to, The project also includes an activity IRL, she in the real world (“in real life”), because only those who own a Bean NFT can create a new NFT flower. The new “floral” NFT images will turn into A unique, precious and approved T-shirtproduced in Italy and sold in the e-commerce of the project.

The owner of the NFT will decide whether to keep it for himself or make it public and available for purchase from the dedicated online store.

Expected roadmap

The project has entered the stage of community building and growth.

The first NFTs will be released within May 2022the second batch associated with T-shirts is planned to be produced in Summer 2022while the new generative art will be launched inAutumn 2022.

The goal: to eliminate 1,500 tons of carbon dioxide annually

To plant the first slice of trees, GRAFFITI will rely on a startup company that specializes in this field.

Trees will be planted in Italy; Regarding the type of plant, the choice fell paulowniaAs it is the most absorbing species of carbon dioxide, about 100 kg per year. All activities will be documented and published online.

Future developments: Always in the name of green

at a later stage society will beThanks to the creation of the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), To decide where and with which partner to plant new trees.

The DAO will also decide how to allocate the budget collected thanks to secondary market fees generated by NFT trading over time, Choosing startups or green projects to support.

GRAFFITI customers will also be able to enter the world of NFTs

Due to the acceleration of the market, GRAFFITI decided to dedicate a team dedicated to Web3: Lab writings It consists of developers who specialize in developing applications on the blockchain, experts in NFT marketing and storytelling, creators, contention specialists, and growth hackers to create and grow communities associated with these new ventures.
Therefore, from today, GRAFFITI offers its customers the GraffitiLab expertise for any need and advice in Web3 and NFT app to work.

Today, the NFT market is worth about $1.6 billion and is growing rapidly. In addition to the art world, many new areas of application are emerging: From accessing reserved areas to selling approved and secure tickets, avoiding counterfeiting, to approving spare parts in the automotive sector.

But first, we look forward to seeing you in The ComBEANation community On Discord and on social media channels Twitter and Instagram to stay updated, collect our Beans and help the environment.

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