Mistrita, Asia Pacific – Mujiri: Technical Schedule for Agreement Renewal

It was held last Tuesday, at the Regional Health Department in Piazza Ottavio Zeno, in Palermo, Technical table to deal with the topic Renewal of the agreement between the Asp of Messina and the Maugeri Foundation of MistrettaIt is due next August. The meeting, which was attended by Dr. Luca Damiani and the doctor Chiara Moggerirespectively president and vice president Mujiri Clinical Scientific Instituteshealth advisor Rogerio Raza and mayor Mistrita, Tata Sanzarellowhose attendance was commissioned by the exponent of the Musumeci . Military Council

Since 2006, the Mogiri Foundation, in agreement with Asp 5 of MessinaHe runs a hospital ward Intensive Neurological Rehabilitation And Slough Center to Mystrita. A fact that is an essential strategic point that serves an important group of users. A true center of excellence, a highly specialized reference point for the management of the treatment and rehabilitation program for a range of severely disabling diseases, requiring interdisciplinary, specific and coordinated skills.

The agreement between ASP and the Maugeri Foundation expires in August. In light of this particular deadline, and considering that the Intensive Neurological Rehabilitation Unit has over the years been able to position itself among centers capable of developing skills capable of delivering patient care responses, with reference to complex high-care clinical pathologies and pathways, in relation to Established by the structure and promoting standards of excellence, the regional health senior management, in agreement with the Maugeri Institutes Clinical Scientific Management, met to evaluate the renewal for the next ten years.

Renewal must pass on the project proposalthat directorate Mujiri Clinical Scientific Institutes Committed to providing by the end of May, the implementation of new activities and services in Amstratino Rehabilitation Centerat the meeting, among the new services that the structure could provide, various hypotheses were evaluated including the addition of rehabilitation Heart and respiratory diseases: A functional organizational structure aimed at the treatment and re-education of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases in a hospital. There was talk of restructuring and the creation and operation of the rehabilitation complexlocated in the temple pavilion “SS. Savior” from Mistrita, Assessed by the institution, to be devoted to physical medicine and rehabilitation with aquatic activities also proposed for outpatients on the basis of rehabilitation plans to be treated by physiotherapists, physiotherapists and orthopedic surgeons.