MIUR Decree on GPS Update 2022: What the Draft Offers

The Ministry of Education has submitted to the trade unions a draft of the Ministry of Education decree to update the GPS 2022. Applications can open in early May.

trade unions They are asking for several changes of judgment, particularly with regard to the timing of the insolvency proceedings and the allocation of alternatives through the computerized procedure. Instead, theIntroducing TFA trainees in order.

CSPI published Opinion on the Ministerial Order Scheme for GPS Renewal. Let’s see in detail what the Home Office draft ordinance says to update the provincial classification of substitutes and demands from trade unions.

GPS update project

In fact, on April 5, the Ministry of the Interior met the trade union organizations ofInformation about the draft decree Updates the county classification of substitutes (GPS). These are the classifications for allocating offices Long term replacement For teachers, submitted by Ministerial Decree No. 60 dated July 10, 2020 for the academic year 2020/2022 which will be renewed for two years 2022/2024 thanks to the Third Support Decree, which provided for its renewal in 2022.

Therefore, the Ministry presented it to the trade unions organization chart Accordingly, the GPS you will be updated They will replace the existing ones (GPS 2020/2021 and 2021/2022). The Supreme Council for Public Education (CSPI) published the opinion dated April 22, 2022 on the upcoming ministerial order, which contains a draft call for the modernization of the Global Positioning System (GPS). The new arrangement will be too for two yearsSo the new update aims to create GPS 2022/2023 and 2023/2024.

As for the call for a GPS update, it may actually come out in the next few days, given that MIUR’s intention will be to open apps from the beginning of May. Therefore, the initially assumed timing for submission of applications (April 19 to May 9, 2022) which Can open as early as May 2According to union sources. It remains to be seen whether the ministry will decide to accept the unions’ request to grant 30 days, rather than 20 days, to forward the request. Moreover, CSPI has also asked the ministry to extend the expected time period for submission of applications.

But let’s move on in order and let’s see, first of all, What the draft expects From the MIUR decree to update the GPS.

new system

here main news Set forth in the decree for GPS update:

  • There are 20 days to submit requests;

  • Ratings are valid for two yearsso it is valid for the academic year 2022/23 and for the academic year 2023/24;

  • The first and second bands are expected for all applications and grades school, including primary and childhood;

  • In the second grade of primary school and kindergarten Students enrolled in the third, fourth or fifth year of a degree course in primary education may register, provided they have achieved, at least, 150, 200 and 250 ECTS by the application deadline;

  • They can register in the second category GPS to support teachers who do not have a specialty qualification and who have completed 3 years of teaching in a support position in relative grade during the school year. 2021/22;

  • Interns of the sixth session TFA support They can register, retain and revoke the GPS if they achieve the title by July 20, 2022;

  • Computerized appointments Allocation of alternatives uses the same procedure already used in the last year;

  • Not expected to finish By dividing the whole chairs but only by merging the parts;

  • It is possible to announce existing contractswhether on June 30 or those with other deadlines, in the application for GPS insertion / update, with the possibility of confirming or not confirming what has been announced by a particular application whose timing and methods will be determined later by the Ministry of Interior;

  • Sanctions have been tightened For not accepting the service and giving up. Those who do not enter service after being assigned to the location indicated as preferred do not have access to alternatives until the end of activities (30 June) or the school year (30 August) for the entire academic year. On the other hand, those who abandon the service lose access to the assignments until June 30 or August 31 for the entire two-year GPS validity period.

To be sure of the new provisions, it is necessary to wait for the publication of the final MIUR order for the GPS update 2022/2024.

Trade union requests

The draft decree on the modernization of the GPS has caused various confusion in the unions, which have provided some of the Requests for change to the Ministry. Among these:

  • Extended to 30 daysInstead of 20, from the time required to submit applications;

  • Post all posts Available before starting the selection of sites;

  • possibility of completeness also by dividing the whole place for whoever gets the piece;

  • Less penalties For those who left the appointment for a justified reason.

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