NFT and Cryptography, New Coingecko Report Data

Coingecko is talking aboutNFT and Cryptocurrency Market Trend in the first quarter of 2022 in its most recent report.

Coingecko, the performance of the crypto sector

coingecko . report
The results of the crypto and NFT sectors during the first quarter of 2022 in the Coingecko Report

The cryptocurrency market and the NFT seem to be in decline in the first quarter of 2022, After the big declines at the end of the year From the peaks of November 2021.

This is the first clear data to emerge from Report on Q1 Published by CoinGecko, a cryptocurrency and blockchain analytics firm.

From record highs in November that saw record figures of $3 billion in total capitalization, the market could have lost more than $1 billion, only to come back slightly above market capitalization. 2 billion capitalization.

share of the two major currencies, Ethereum And Bitcoinremained essentially unchanged, with an extension The capitalization of Bitcoin which accounts for about 47% of the market and the capitalization of Ethereum 21.4%.

Among the top five digital currencies in terms of capitalization, only Bitcoin e XRP They showed some signs of resilience with respect to the widespread and generalized market dips in the first quarter of the year.

Solana And BNB On the other hand, the two cryptocurrencies with the largest capitalization recorded the worst result. Reversing the trend among the top ten cryptocurrencies, moon Recorded +24.1%.

Among the cryptocurrencies with the smallest capitalization, the result of Waves is amazing increased by more than 250%. While still bucking the trend, according to data compiled by CoinGecko, the stablecoin market is up 13%.

Leading the sector in terms of capitalization, there is always Tether even if its share has decreased slightly, especially at the expense of USDC, BUSD and UST.

NFT Market Data

In early 2022, the competing Ethereum blockchains continued to gain ground especially in DeFi domain and NFT.

During the early months of the year, we saw a decline in the NFT segment, and now that number appears to be further confirmed by the fact that the total TVL (total closed value) fell 9% to $177 billion.

TVL’s stake in Ethereum will be around 54%, down from 61% in December 2021.

with regard to NFTsa large portion of the report is devoted to a survey conducted by the company specifically targeting users in the APAC region, The NFT market has shown signs of greater growth in recent months.

Among the 871 respondents, approximately 72% owned NFTs, while more than half owned 5 or more NFTs. Meanwhile, the majority of NFT owners are in the 18-30 (43.6%) and 30-50 (45.2%) age groups.

35% of survey respondents will participate in the GameFi sector, which is closely related to non-fungible currencies, which had to represent a real revolution for its characteristics of generating revenue and greater participation during the game. But right now, he seems to have disappointed them a bit Forecasts by analysts and industry experts.

Most of the investors surveyed will invest between 1% and 25% of their portfolio in NFTs.

It is interesting the data that tells us how nearly 50% of people who invested in non-fungible token could have profited from this. As for the market, after a noticeable drop in February, the market recovered in March, even if it no longer looks as strong as it was at the end of the year.

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