Nike unveils new NFT sneakers for the metaverse

Nike, in collaboration with RTFKT, introduced its first sneakers for the Metaverse: Nike Cryptokicks. The NFTs are available on OpenSea and are trading at over 2.9 ETH, equivalent to €8,500.

Nike and RTFKT launch new NFT sneakers for the metaverse

nike and the newly acquired NFT Corporation, RTFKT Studios has developed the first NFTs from Nike Cryptokicks, the metaverse’s new sneakers. This is a video that shows the different models.

RTFKT, along with Nike CryptoKicks, advance the future of athletic footwear thanks to Skin Vial technology. Welcome to 2052″

These are the first models of sneakers, designed by the global giant of sneakers and footwear, For Metaverse Feet.

Cryptokicks are available at open sea They are actually trading for 2.9 ETH, equivalent to approximately €8,500.

Nike Cryptokicks Technology and Skin Vial

The new Nike Cryptokicks are customizable with eight skins created by the community of artists and collaborators at RTFKT.

Each skin can be applied to the default shoe by changing that “leather bottle” Change the look of your sneakerswith a wide range of “vials” for future release.

Some “skin flasks” are already on OpenSeaeven at less than 1 ETH, although one in particular Evo ALN Skin Vial Up for auction At least 558 ETHover $1.5 million, without facing any offers of course.

Recently, Nike also has Launched Nikeland, his shop in the Roblox metaverse, which appears to have been a huge success. In addition to the arrival of the number of visitors in 7 million in the first 5 months of its launchalso represents an increase in revenue thanks to digital activities in general.


Asics stepn nft
New sneakers from STEPN and ASICS, available on Binance’s NFT Market

Stay in the sneaker sector, other news brings it back steben, Web3.0 lifestyle app, With the launch of the limited edition NFT sneakers co-branded with ASICS.

Hosted by NFT sneakers and “Ment” on the BNB chain, The collection was launched exclusively on Binance NFT Market.

“#MoveToEarn on #BNBchain? Yes! Welcome to the soon-to-be-launched Stepnofficial on the BNB chain. Move and earn rewards.”

STEPN is the app that rewards users with cryptocurrency for movement (walking, jogging, or running) in the fresh air. Simply download the app, purchase NFT and start moving right away to start earning tokens.

The co-branded STEPN and ASICS have received a lot of attention by the community, with over 195,000 in attendance and tickets signed. about it, Joe PeaceHead of Business Development at ASICS commented:

ASICS is committed to inspiring people to have a healthy mind in a healthy body and we aspire to apply technology in thoughtful ways to advance this mission. Our partnership with STEPN and their world-class team is designed to encourage the Web3 community to get away from their screens and make money by walking, jogging and running outdoors. STEPN is an incredible achievement of technological innovation and we believe ASICS’ immediate and long-term partnership with them will help millions of people around the world achieve a healthy mind in a healthy body. “

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