Province of Bergamo: competition for environmental technical trainers

Bergamo Province, in Lombardylaunched a public competition for environmental technical trainers.

Two jobs are covered – Class C – A Unlimited period Full of.

The deadline for submission of applications for admission is specified in May 23 2022. Let’s see the download announcement and more details.


Candidates for the competition of environmental technical trainers of the province of Bergamo must possess Requirements summarized below:

  • Italian citizenship or citizenship of one of the member states of the European Union or of the other categories referred to in the declaration;
  • Age at least 18 years old ;
  • enjoyment of civil and political rights;
  • engage with active political voters;
  • Absence of measures of dismissal, exemption or dismissal from a job in the public administration due to continued insufficient performance or expropriation from a job in the public administration;
  • not be deprived of public office based on a final judgment;
  • mental fitness
  • The absence of criminal convictions and the absence of pending criminal proceedings that can prevent the establishment of a working relationship with public administrations, as well as the absence of exposure to preventive measures by Legislative Decree of September 6, 2011 No. 159;
  • Class B (or higher) driver’s license, not subject to cancellation and currently valid;
  • Ordinary position in connection with compulsory military service for male candidates born before 12/31/1985;
  • Sufficient knowledge of written and spoken Italian, for candidates who are not Italian citizens;
  • Sufficient knowledge of spoken and written English;
  • The use of the most widespread computers and its applications.

In addition, competitors must possess one of the following qualifications:

  • Diploma Technical Institute of the Technological Sector, specialization “Construction, Environment and Territory”, or a diploma identical to the previous system (for example, a diploma “surveyor”);
  • Diploma from the Technical Institute of the Technological Sector, specialization in “Mechanics, Mechatronics and Energy” or similar diploma from the previous regime;
  • Diploma from the Technical Institute of the Technological Sector, specialization in “Electronics and Electrical Engineering” or a corresponding diploma from the previous regime;
  • Diploma from the Technical Institute of the Technological Sector, specialization in “Chemistry, Materials and Biotechnology” or similar diploma from the previous regime;
  • Diploma from the Technical Institute of the Technological Sector, title “Agriculture, Agro-Food and Agro-industry” or corresponding diploma from the previous regime;
  • A high school diploma and/or a science option in a high school of applied sciences;
  • graduation (DM 270/2004) for categories:
    – L-02 Biotechnology;
    – L-07 Civil and Environmental Engineering;
    – L-09 Industrial Engineering;
    – L-13 Biological Sciences;
    – L-17 Architectural Sciences;
    – L-21 Science of Regional, Urban, Landscape and Environmental Planning;
    – L-23 Building Science and Technology;
    – L-25 agricultural and forestry sciences and technologies;
    – L-27 Chemical Science and Technology;
    – L-30 physical sciences and technologies;
    – L-32 Environmental and Nature Science and Technology;
    – L-34 Geosciences;
    – L-38 Science and science of animal husbandry and animal production techniques;
  • degree ex 509/99 DM, equivalent under specific laws and/or ministerial decrees;
  • Absorbed higher grades or other equivalent qualifications, referred to in DI dated 07/09/2009 (GU n. 233 dated 7/10/2009), or equivalent, recognized as such by specific laws and/or ministerial decrees.

knows where the place is Primarily reserved Armed Forces Volunteers.

to choose

If there are more than 100 candidates in the competition, one can be summoned selective test.

The selection will be done by swiping two exams: One written that it Oralwhich will focus on the topics listed in the advertisement.

Admission application

Applications for participation in the competition proceedings must be submitted by 12:00 am May 23 2022 exclusively for via information technologyby connecting to this page and selecting Invite applications of interest.

For the documents that will be attached to the application and more details, please refer to the invitation for downloadable applications below.


Those interested in the Bergamo Provincial Environmental Technical Instructors Competition are invited to read carefully the Notice (Pdf 279 Kb), published in an extract in Official Gazette No. 32 of 04-22-2022.

More information

All the Subsequent contacts Regarding any pre-selection notes for exams will be published on the Bergamo Province website, in the “Contests” section.

Contests and other updates

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