Renewable energy in Italy 2022: goals and news

How will renewable energies be implemented in Italy? To highlight this issue, Hope srl Director, Fabio Paccapelo. The company’s goal is to obtain a state concession to build a hydrogen production plant off the coast. Let’s get acquainted with the prospects of the project.

We are talking about an innovative project focused on renewable energy and above all on green hydrogen. The official defines the initiative as: “Our idea is an idea, which is the push towards green hydrogen production.”

What kind of plant would it be?

The company has applied for a concession for the possibility of building a Ossfhore wind farmBut what kind of factory will be built?

This is what is responsible for Hope srl:
‘The project is about Off the coastal wind farm with 80 pontoon towers, The latest generation of wind turbines is powerful 15 megawatts each. L ‘Energy Produced will be transferred to one electric station The transformer is placed inside the wind farm, and from here, after being converted to a higher voltage value, it is transmitted to the ground by submarine cable. Once it reaches Earth, it will be used to power a green hydrogen production plant“.

How will it be used?

Fabio Bacapello confirmation:
It can be destined for multiple uses, including Green hydrogen saving to be used railway fuel that will serve for decarbonization The Non-electrified sectionsfor distributions A New generation hydrogen powered vehiclesin order to Fertilizer production For local use, makingcircular economyas well as Carbon removal For some industrial processes and supply chains, starting with logistics applications. The goal is also to feed the hydrogen produced directly into the existing gas infrastructure by working Bari is a city that is 100% powered by hydrogen over the next thirty years.”


Often times, new initiatives or projects related to building new factories for Renewable energy The locals do not despise them and sometimes it happens that various disagreements can be created. In this case, however, the wind farm will consist of Wind turbines are located 50 kilometers from the coasta position that does not change any urban or marine area in the territory, and is an added value to the project it offers Sustainability on many levels.

During this time of need we see that other related projects Renewable energyin fact, the Hope srl He has something really interesting in the works.

boss hopefull: “The other project includes activation 40 wind turbines off the coast between Brindisi and Lecceat the height of a coal-fired thermal power plant cyranofor a total electrical power of approx 1700 MWsufficient to meet energy needs About 3 million citizensas well as allow Reducing 3 million tons of carbon dioxide in the year “.

Plants usage times

Such ambitious projects require a long time to reach”proper efficiencyin fact it was revealed that these types of marine parks Can not be achieved by five years.

wrap up like this Paulo Bacapello:

‘The target set with Integrated National Energy and Climate Plan A large spread of new technology factories is expected Wind and PV With an average annual installed capacity in the decade 2020-2030 approximately equal to 3 thousand and 800 megawatts. If we compare this figure with the average installed energy in recent years, it is approximately equal to 700 MWWe know we have no time to waste.”

Renewable resources

building Hydrogen urban bus plantIn essence, these new technologies will educate the population towards the ideals of Sustainability and green energy.

What do you think of the initiatives implemented in Puglia? The rest of Italy will stand idly by or run out Renewable solutions For a more future sustainable ?

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