US economy at peak: -1.4%

Joe Biden He’s worried about a recession that could happen 2023. This should also be of interest to anyone who invests or invests in them Bitcoin or in the world encryption. A very difficult position to read, which certainly deserves our consideration to fully understand how the market moves and how it might react.

All in a relatively interesting trading day since the US markets opened, despite the thunder and lightning from US economic data. what is going on? Are the markets crazy? This is not certain.

Powell will need a real equilibrium number

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The US economy is at its peak: what this means for the markets

The data came from United States of America They are already less than meager expectations. There is talk of a decline in the first quarter of1.4%Kind of shock For analysts who believed in words Jerome Powell.

president feed it On several occasions he spoke of a strong economy and a large labor market, conditions that would have allowed the central bank to United State from To raise prices Almost without a shot. And on this specific side is the future Bitcoin and the rest of the cryptocurrency market.

On the one hand, we actually have the horror of stagnation in the markets, and on the other hand, the conditions that would have allowed it Jerome Powell And feed it Intervention without firing a shot appears to have failed. and therefore me 75 basis points From the price hikes that the market expects, it may prove to be a very powerful treatment for the patient it is now death.

Can Jerome Powell be a tightrope walker?

It was a doubt that we had already touched him several times Cryptocurrency.itfor example marking Other outputs of the reality of US monetary policyEven before you had gods data Effects on the performance of the US economy.

Now options Powell They are basically two. On the one hand, it may decide to continue its policy of raising interest rates relatively sharply, with the result of accelerating the arrival of a recession, in a market that does not appear to be able to support this kind of maneuver.

The second is instead more position dovesthat is, more doves in the next Meeting from its creation. This could give some oxygen to markets that have already been butchered by inflation, the arrival of higher rates, and an actual economic situation that is much less solid than what bigots and economists would like to represent.

Include bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in this analysis

even a Season Sure and final or almost, any one Separation Between what is happening in the risk markets and what is happening in the encryption Based on Bitcoinoperations US Central Bank It will continue to have significant impacts on these markets.

If we bet something today, we’ll bet on it feed it Which would return to more moderate advice, given that none, much less Joe BidenI would like to appear in mid-term At the end of the year with a country devastated economically.

upload Taxi Less consistency can help the economy? Actually it will be Kick the can forwardwhich in any case prefer to perform Bitcoin and the rest of the sector. We’ll see: Over the next year or two, many things in the world as we know it can change. On the economic side and not. And Bitcoin could play a starring role.

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