“We are angry but not depressed, we will see what happens. Inzaghi could become a great coach.”

In the wake of the awful mockery of Bologna, Baby Marottaad sport of Inter, arrives in San Siro to speak on the stage of today’s event organized by the newspaper the paper.

How are you in the league?
“Of course there is a bitter smile. It is part of the game, we lost a battle but not the war. We are angry but not depressed. We have to see what happens, there are four games left and football is not taken for granted as in the seventies when there were teams that were not She has something to say. Instead, we see Crotone beat Cremonese despite his relegation.”

Why was there this level in the league, on every level?
“First of all, because there is a good leveling of teams, it is one of the most interesting tournaments in recent years. Last year, the tournament was won before long, it is an interesting tournament this year from every point of view.”

The Premier League grew out of clubs wanting to get paid for their competitive edge. After a year of leaving the project, how is the situation of the clubs?
“Obviously we are in great difficulty. The historical moment came before the pandemic, the costs were already unsustainable and are even more so today after the pandemic has caused a fiscal deflation. The limit would be to spend less and get more, and instead competitiveness has been sacrificed for Sustainability. We must also look for these resources to inculcate the winning mentality that is important in sport.”

Inter looked last year in great difficulty, with Conte ruled out and Lukaku and Hakimi sold. But you kept competing and you came back to the second round of the Champions League after so many years and reached the Coppa Italia final. What is Marotta’s secret to staying on the same level?
“The equation is not worth spending more the more you win. Conte and two players, removing Eriksen who suffered from a decision independent of him, caused shock. However, we had strong ownership behind us and were able to ensure sustainability, so we built a competitive team with a winning mentality. We chose A budding technician like Simone Inzaghi responded to our needs. We are here now to say we won the Super Cup, and the Coppa Italia final awaits. We hope there will be cherries at the end but we are very happy. We owe that to the work culture and the solidity of our structures.”

Three moments in your executive career? Alvaro Recoba in Venice may have been one of them.
“This is called a stroke of luck, it was one of the few instances in my career where the song contributed to the bottom line in an extraordinary way at the expense of the team. Recoba won games on his own, it was such a fun page. I couldn’t believe it was the most enjoyable of my career, then come true.” Dreams and others come. I didn’t imagine getting to fourth place with Sampdoria, I didn’t imagine reaching Juventus and winning seven league titles and then reaching Inter and becoming the Italian champion. Anything is possible in sports and that explains it. The trait is also knowing how to use experience and it helped me a lot in Understand errors and how to prepare solutions.

Did the players sign in front of the president?
“I had a strategy: the old people came to sign the contracts, because the young people were afraid of revenge.”

About Mino Raiola.
“I have a friendship that is also based on the quarrels I had with him. He was always very smart, but he was right; he always said things to his face, and made his claims clearly. Paul Pogba deal is an example, he was very good at making his arguments; I could tell I consider it the best.”

How can a lawyer be defined from the point of view of managers?
“Once upon a time they did not exist, because contracts were practically for life. With the release system, these characters appeared who are sometimes covered by unskilled people who do not know how to follow the path of a football player. Then there are many good and responsible agents, but this is part From every category. Every transfer coincides with an economic deal, and I hope it crosses the not-to-earn-to-much line to make clients wealth.”

Foreigners are not the real problem but bottom-up recruitment.
“The discourse is much broader. In Italy, I think the biggest problem is that there is no Ministry of Sports that helps other disciplines as well, because the crisis is in every discipline. There are no children involved in these sports, having a Ministry means understanding that sport is an essential component of the school. Speakers and Communities The amateurs have either disappeared or are struggling to survive. Today’s sport is in the hands of sports clubs, there are no structures. The second thing is the lack of training: the teachers of the past are missing, there is no concept of training anymore. It is up to the politics to understand that sport is a heritage of our culture.”

Is it true that coaches train themselves more than young people?
“Yes, and this is a shame at the youth level. Here appears the culture of defeat, which measures the coach by the results he gets in the youth teams. This is ridiculous, we need to work to show that youth activity should train boys who should become men. On the other hand. Technicians are under pressure from results; the positive aspects of how to measure player training.”

Seeing Manchester City-Real Madrid, we were excited, but if it was Juventus, we would have criticized the defences. Do we not appreciate football of a certain kind when others play it?
“These last rounds of the Champions League featured Real Madrid, a team of professionals who never give up and who will do well in the second leg. This supports the format of the tournament that gives in the final stages emotions and show, especially in modern football where there is no longer any defensive from the past.

What is the funniest coach you’ve dealt with?
“For me, Eugenio Fassetti was a great coach who could have made a better career.”

Does the stadium owned have a difference in the results?
“Of course, the player is more involved because of the house effect. He influences a lot, in Turin the stadium was always full and he was the 12th man.”

Can my inzagi continue?
“Exactly yes. We are very happy and she has strong room to grow, I think it could be among the best”

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