“We must get what we deserve”

by costantino montori

In the past few hours, the Regional Council unanimously approved a proposal on renewable energies, to which Loredana Capone, president of the highest congregation of Poliani, was the first to sign it.

The basic idea is to involve local authorities in developing strategies and in defining standards for the placement of plants that have the greatest impact on the environment and landscape.

Antonio Totolo, about it, didn’t take long to raise his voice.

“In my address to the Regional Council, on the issue of renewables, I insisted that we – as the region of Puglia – put ourselves in a position to claim the benefits in the face of the enormous sacrifices required for our lands,” declared the Lucerino Regional Adviser.

“I think it is necessary to open a table with the government to demand serious development opportunities and serious infrastructure, which I describe as important.”

Invitation – Invitation to Minister Singolani

“I reported in the room that I would like to invite Minister Singolani, Minister of Environmental Transition, to the Regional Council.

And tell him, “Excuse me, Minister, we know that we are the heroes of this famous environmental shift. Well, we want to understand what we, the police, have to offer, but we also want to understand what we have to get in return.” For it is not possible to do our part, since we are the owners of the “most suitable” land to fill it with vegetation, we do our part, a complete stop. The former mayor of Lucera urged.

Territory Claims

“Now it is clear that we live in a certain historical period. And that they are asking us to make sacrifices, because it seems to me clear that the government has made commitments with Europe, regardless of our will, but we must not stand idly by. We must take back what we deserve.”

Water is the first problem to be addressed

“Now we must ask ourselves what advantages Puglia can get from this situation.

We all know what the next big problem we will have in a few years or decades (or our successors will have to discuss): it is the problem of water.”

“So I ask myself: Can we get big investments in this subject from the government?” That’s what Totolo said.

The Permanent Conference of the Regions of the State

The commitment made by the region lies, in general, in dialogue with the national government urging it to fully participate in Puglia in the decisions to be carried out on our lands.

The reference goes to the Permanent Conference on Relations between the State and the Autonomous Territories and Provinces. The first step to be taken as soon as possible.

(Photo of Antonio Tutulo is taken from his Instagram account)

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