A role model, a tool to combat the gender gap

Benign examples of empowerment and a role model help bridge the gender gap. Rossanna Berardi (Women for Oncology, Italy): “They are designing a future based on diversity and inclusion”

And if role models are, or in English, a good weapon for fighting the gender gap? The Global Gender Gap Report 2021 is clear: the total gender gap will only be eliminated in 135 years, while the purely economic gap will take much longer.

In any case, it is clear that virtuous examples of empowerment can help take some steps forward to overcome the gender gap. The an exampleAn example of a life or work that is identified as a reference point and guides individual choices driving women’s empowerment.

Samantha Cristoforetti effect increases interest in ESA

Just to give an example: in June 2021 the questions to get access to the new choiceESA dragged by the Parmitano effect and Christopherite. We are talking about two astronauts who are an example to the many men and women who dream of being astronauts. “The role model is a tangible investment in overcoming the gender gap that must be worked on to guide boys and girls, boys and girls, and men and women of all ages,” Professor Rossanna BerardiPresident of the Association of Women’s Oncology in Italy. “It is also a tool to accompany them in their career and life choices, thus designing a different future based on diversity and inclusion.”

The role model brings students closer to Stem

Role models such as virologist Ilaria Capua, electronics engineer Anna Graselino and aerospace engineer and mother of five Amalia Ercoli-Fenzi also bring students closer to Stem degrees, the English acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. This is an area that has important consequences for the future of women and society and must be addressed so that women are not excluded from the technological revolution that the world is going through and which necessarily requires appropriate and specialized education (currently less than 4 in 10 graduates in STEM subjects are women).

Gender equality also passes through societies

In addition to promoting role models, there are many actions that can be taken to combat the gender gap. What is still greatly lacking in the social and productive fabric, in fact, is the idea of ​​true equality of the sexes in all spheres of individuals’ lives: a goal that can only be reached on the condition that concrete measures are taken for the effectiveness of parity. Among themuse communities As a tool for grouping and networking, investing in networks, allocating funds by state and businesses, and developing legislation that combats discrimination and supports inclusion. Gender support is also fundamental and very important. “he is This is one of the main goals of Women for Oncology in Italy. Through our association, which mainly focuses on female gynecological oncologists and training, we try to help professionals grow from a training point of view and by reconciling career and work life, to ensure that they can also be the leaders of tomorrow in the sector”, concludes Professor Berardi.

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