Cardano: Help from Germany | And blocks up to 88 kilobytes

time for Cardanowhich in addition to updates regarding the size of its blocks, could benefit from an important law that will appear for the first time in Germany.

Germany Which asserts itself not only as a leader in adoption at the level Europeanbut it is also one of the few countries inEuropean Union They are developing a clear regulatory framework about it as well mask and other types of operations decentralized finance.

Big news from parts of Cardano – and Germany lends a financial hand

Good new prices can have tangible effects on prices, particularly in the medium and long term Cardano. Effects that we can exploit with eToro’s secure platformWhich also provides Cardano with automatic storage without having to do anything – The most professional broker in providing services investment Encoder themed.

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Cardano – and many – will benefit from the new German crypto tax law

at Germany There is a very interesting case regarding the scientist encryption. Anyone who has held a token for more than a year is essentially exempt from paying taxes on capital gains. However, with a small problem, because if these tokens or coins generate income, the necessary waiting period becomes 10 years. The rule that made buying in Germany and holding cryptocurrency so inconvenient maskas in fact Cardano.

According to various German newspapers, Ministry of Finance You will be intent on eliminating it standardwhich makes it very cheaper to buy ADA dollars and installed in the long term.

since Germany Remaining one of the most active markets in the crypto sector, the news could have significant repercussions on the crypto market CardanoThis is the most interesting for folders regarding practices mask. An unexpected gift, which can serve as a way to slowly return ADA at high altitude 1 dollar.

Second news: change the size of the blocks

There was an increase in 8 KB, which is equivalent to 10% of the previous block size on this network. A classic move for those who want to increase scalability of operations as well as the same quantities that can be processed at a given time.

Something a bit more complicated actually (with the size of the blocks not entirely neutral with respect to other factors) but that’s because of how it’s set Cardano It can help the network catch competing protocols. Let’s talk about Ethereum Based on BNB . chainboth of which are heavily used by fans DeFi as well as from the games And metaverse.

would be enough to Cardano increase like this? We will only be able to assess the effects of this change on the technical side in a few months, aware of the fact that a lot more will have to be done as well. commercial To reach the top of the world of use. Using that in this industry is important to cut For the price.

Who knows if German aid and technological innovations will be able to reverse course. every while from 2022 compatibility Equally important news can come out.

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