Dogecoin: What future with the new Elon Musk Twitter? Point

the story between Twitter and Elon Musk It seems to have come to an end. Senior management of the company and its main shareholders Purchase offer accepted The visionary theatrical entrepreneur, he offered $44 billion with a fixed price payment of $54.20 per share. Musk plans to push Twitter, reduce ads, and allow users to edit posts as well Withdraw the company from Wall Street and turn it into a private company.

Advertisement immediately reversed Dogecoinone of the most popular cryptocurrencies by Elon Musk, who Can be integrated into the platform social future. As we learn via, the trusted information site in the crypto world owned by Alessio Ippolito SrlMusk can allow you to pay for your new subscription to Dogecoin. This is a movement that the market sees as a bullish event in DOGE, although volatility is still very high.

We should also not forget about Bitcoin, a crypto token that is very present in both Elon Musk and Tesla wallets, since the American company owns about 2 billion dollars in Bitcoin, second in the world after MicroStrategy. Either way, buying a Twitter mask can happen Dogecoin relaunch in 2022to highlight this token that it is today One of the most liquid countries in the world After Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Investing in Dogecoin: Expert Advice

Musk’s move to Twitter leads many investors to evaluate a position on Dogecoin, given the specific bond that unites the American businessman with the meme coin. In this case Cryptocurrency expertsthe portal created in January 2018 after the purchase of the premium domain by Alessio Ippolito Srl in May 2017, you must first of all Get information and plan a strategy Analyze all possible scenarios.

If on the one hand Dogecoin can be preferred However, from the inclusion in the Twitter ecosystem, it is necessary to take into account the financial speculation that exists on this crypto token and the possibility that such integration will not occur. But Musk can choose Bitcoin To give Twitter subscription payments in cryptocurrency, considering Tesla’s heavy position on BTC and the potential positive effects of the US company if the price of Bitcoin rises.

In any case, before investing, it is necessary to keep abreast of the news of interest to Dogecoin and to follow it carefully. For example, in A space dedicated to all cryptocurrencies, with the extension Insights and exclusive news about Dogecoin. After all, it is a portal that has been included in Google News Italy since May 2019, and is also considered the reference site for the crypto sector within the publishing sector with Over 12 million arrivals in 2021 (Google Analytics data).

A conscious and informed approach allows you to invest in cryptocurrencies, especially in Dogecoin, in a conscious and controlled manner, managing risk in the optimal way and always following a strategy with Fundamentals of Technical and Fundamental Analysis. This also applies to choosing investment methodIn fact, depending on your needs, you can choose to buy directly through the exchange or speculate financially through CFD trading.

Where can you learn more about DOGE and cryptocurrency

The Dynamics in the cryptocurrency market The Elon Musk movement has ensured a huge interest in Dogecoin by many traders and crypto-token enthusiasts. On the other hand, in 2022, the situation of cryptocurrencies did not start in the best way, with a widespread drop in prices and a few facts that moved the market in these early years. Experts say it might be the calm before the storm, and that’s okay Take advantage of this moment To prepare their strategies and improve their knowledge of the crypto world.

To do that It offers high-quality, reliable and professional support to anyone who wants to learn about cryptocurrencies, blockchain technologies, the world of NFT and decentralized finance applications also thanks to Twitter profile Among the most followed. Portal staff led by a famous cryptocurrency expert Gianluca GrossiUnsurprisingly one of the most followed Twitter influencers in the crypto sector, it not only offers videos, tutorials, news and insights on the site, but also Very active on social networks With an extensive presence on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Telegram and Twitter to ensure direct and effective communication with every user.

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