Earn money with cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency! 4 Explosive Crypt

The new frontier for crypto assets is i metaverse, That is, virtual worlds built from technology Blockchain.

If everyone thinks of metaverse Like a video game to explore, reality has changed a lot and now these digital spaces offer a reproduction of the real world where many famous brands are located, including banks of caliber JP MorganThey have a branch inside.

But the one thing that many overlook is that the metaverse also offers endless possibilities to earn and generate income and investing in these projects is the simplest thing in the world, which can be done by buying. Cryptocurrency or NFT (Non-Fungible Token).

To invest and earn in the metaverse there are two possibilities, one represented by NFT, And they are simply the graphic assets you see in the digital world, from real estate to avatars.

Another very simple opportunity to invest in the metaverse is through digital currencies. This is due to the applications it is built on Blockchain For the all-encompassing economy, Metaverses turn to cryptocurrencies, which can also run on the same platform.

In order to ensure the complete independence of virtual reality, important projects generally forge their own personal cryptocurrency, which, for example, NFT exchanges Or in general any purchase from virtual stores.

these Cryptocurrency Associated with metaphysics behave like one digital currency For all intents and purposes, i.e. when the game is turned off and virtual reality is gone, it remains in the crypto wallet and can be exchanged for fiat currencies with a tangible potential for profit.

Earn with “metaverse” thanks to cryptocurrencies

At this moment I Metaverse There is a lot in the launch stage and therefore there are also many possibilities to invest in by buying cryptocurrency.

Basically when the metaverse is launched, that is, a new virtual reality is being built, everything happens according to a scheme.

That is, before the platform is activated and made available to users who want to explore, run or unlock it Online Store Investors are given the opportunity to purchase crypto resources from the first offer at a very favorable price. there cryptocurrency linked to metaverse It is then inserted into exchange platforms and made available to buyers before the VR platform actually exists.

At this point, both cryptocurrencies and NFTs have lowest cost What its market value will be, once the key lab itself exists and reaches its catchment area.

The logic behind this choice is that the sale coding resources At this stage it is used to raise funds useful for the development of the project itself. At this point, in fact, investors who buy cryptocurrency or NFT are working Bigger risk As the project is not yet complete, so the resource cost is incredibly low with huge potential for profits.

The Cryptocurrency born Metaverse The price close to activation is generally estimated at a few euro cents, with an immediate increase when VR launches.

First Metaverse to invest by buying cryptocurrency: Bloktopia

Now that we’ve done the case buildings, let’s move on to see some working examples, which are the new metaverss that will be active and available to users this year, so where original cryptocurrency They still have a low price tag, but are headed for a short-term rally when the metaverse is ready.

The first project that cannot be underestimated is BLOCTOPIAThis metaverse will consist of a 21-storey skyscraper, where multiple Bitcoin tokens can be mined based on the hard shell.

The 3D virtual world It will have a dominant theme of cryptocurrency, with some plans already dedicated to major crypto companies, which will have their headquarters within.

The economy that will support the Bloktopia ecosystem will depend on Cryptocurrency BLOKAt the moment, the price of the token is still very low. 0.011 EUR per unit, for two reasons. First of all, crypto assets generally do not have a good period in the markets and this is mostly for macroeconomic reasons, for some of the decisions regarding the interest rates on bonds made by the central banks of various countries, especially the US Federal Reserve.

Second, VR is still not available to users and is due to launch this year, and this keeps the price of the BLOK token low while waiting for the first. rise in value In the market, when the metaverse is actually active.

What makes Bloktopia such an explosive venture is precisely the partnerships the metaverse is already proud of, with well-known companies like Polygon and Avalanche and it is rumored that even BTC Ready to have a virtual office inside.

Animal Concert brings live music to the Metaverse and a new cryptocurrency is born

However, there is another major project that will debut this year animal party. This metaverse will be entirely dedicated to the musical theme and designed to host concerts and live events, all with the ability to co-stream using a 3D viewer.

Once again, the metaverse will be based on the original cryptocurrency ANML And its price today 0.007 EUR Code.

Again, the potential of this project should also be sought in the important partnerships that the development team has already formed with many well-known artists and record companies, such as those it owns. Snoop Doggwho already expected the metaverse to host their live events.

New Kids on Blockchain He gives us his personal review of Animal Concert:

Everdome, where cryptocurrencies are earned by scanning them

Everdome It is another metaverse project that will see the light of day soon and has some very explosive potential.

This digital world will not have a mainstream theme, but what sets it apart is that with the support of the MetaHero team, avatars will be created starting with 3D scanning of users. Survey points will be activated all over the world, with the next opening a Dubai And in Europe, the first office should be in London. Users who allow themselves to scan their 3D avatar will not only receive for free, but will also be paid in cryptocurrency for it.

Moreover, it will be possible to rent portable scanners so that objects can be inserted into the metaverse starting with those in the real world.

After launch it will be cryptocurrency dome, which currently applies 0.02 EURthe economy of this metaverse which is really explosive crypto.

Next Earth, the metaverse is not only cryptocurrency but also cheap NFTs.

We close with the very original metaverse, because if hypothetical realities are generally conceived as worlds in themselves, next earth Instead, it will reproduce Earth on a 1:1 scale.

Here, too, there will be the possibility to buy, sell and customize NFT properties, Only that they will be created from physical places.

For now, the metaverse can be explored in 2D vision And you can actually buy plots of land waiting to be converted into 3D. This is one of the few metaphors where LAND NFTs can be purchased at an affordable price, around $1 per lot, with one lot representing an area of ​​10x10m.

Also for this project, it is expected to be launched this year with The original cryptocurrency of NXTT, Which will depend on transactions, which are currently priced 0.02 per unit.

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